…..and well played Hibernian.

I was impressed by the fight about the team today, the snippets of good football and the performance of two or three boys in Green. I am disappointed we didn’t beat them, no one could have questioned it had we done so.

To the team…

  • Williams – Like a fortnight ago in Maryhill, Big Ben was fantastic, some great saves and no chance at the tramps goal.


  • Stevenson – Mr Consistent given he had to match the Greek Freak Samaras today.


  • Nelson – Had a fine performance and won almost everything, one error, his weekly boob lets call it, but this week we got away with it.


  • Hanlon – A good steady and dare I say it strong performance from the laddie today


  • Robertson – I thought he drifted in and out the game today, when he was in the game, he played well, when he drifts out, we miss him.


  • McGivern – Had one of his best games in a Hibs jersey today, we lost the goal as he recovered from injury and I felt Pat and Jimmy should have brought McPake on rather than gamble with McGivern for a few minutes more.


  • Tudor Jones – Started poorly but once he settled in I though he played very well and was a match for Kayal and co.


  • Kevin Thomson – When driving home after the game, if you feel uncomfortable when sitting down, check your back pocket, Scott Brown will still be in it. Kevin you were magnificent today.


  • Craig – Done well, wanted the ball, pity the ball didnae fall for him as much as we need.


  • Zoubir – Some magic moments, done ok but was blowing out his arse after 70 minutes, should have been swapped at that point.


  • Heffernan – He ran the dodgers defence ragged, he pushed, pulled, twisted and fought for every ball with the very very average Ambrose, I thought the Heff was first class.


Subs – I though Pat waited too long as ever, although a fellow Bouncer did make the valid point that at 60 minutes we shuffled the midfield and for 10-15 minutes Zoubir ran riot. I still think we wait to long to make subs and paid for it today by losing the goal.


  • McPake – Came on for the injured McPake and did well, in his usual crash about way.


  • Tiawo – Came on for Craig, bit of a strange one as I though Tudor Jones looked buggered. Didnae have to do too much.


  • Vine – Came on for Zoubir and other than give two daft fouls away, done very little. I would have given Handling a run out.


  • My man of the match could easily have been Ryan McGivern, Ben Williams or Paul Heffernan, but today my MOM goes to the master craftsman, Kevin Thomson, he was a joy to watch.


  • Pat Fenlon – Lets be honest we give him pelters sometimes and he often deserves it. Today he deserves credit for matching the champions all over the pitch, if only you could master the art of the substitution Pat.


  • Celtic – Pah, an average team who no one should fear.


  • Ref – A Hearts $#@! who made at least half a dozen poor calls.


  • Crowd – 14,000 or so, not too bad for a live on TV game and the fans did get behind the team from start to finish.


Once again, well played Hibs, you did us proud today and that is all we ask for.

Hope you enjoyed the game looking down from above Jim and Mark, the boys done good today.

  • Allez Allez Allez Oh.



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