Who would be a Hibs supporter? Cruising first half, passing it to death but not scoring goals other than the now regular well taken header from the often excellent Forster, fall asleep for ten minutes early second half, some comedy defending and goalkeeping and we are down two one to a team who would not look out of place in the Maybury League. Some tweaks, removal of some inefficient players, a bit of passion and fight and viola, a Hibs win, keeping us of bottom of the bloody first division.

On a lovely sunny day in the city, when Edinburgh was full of Huns marching to save the union, the Blue Brazil came dressed just like many of the bands, resplendent in royal blue tops, white shorts and red socks, Donald Finlay and Jimmy Nicholl must have been in ecstacy in their cheap polyester slacks as they seen their team run out. I am glad we sent them homewards, tae think again.

So to our own shower of miscreants, well, what can I say, a defence that plays well and looks solid for 80 minutes, and hapless for 10, a midfield that looks too similar other than the buzzbomb that is Matt Kennedy for 55 minutes and the most lethargic, half arsed looking striker I have seen in years. Then the changes happened.

Oxley – Had little to do other than watch two go past him and one hit the bar when he should have scored. I just dinnae feel confident with him, sorry if that upsets anyone?

Gray – Plays like a captain, glad he is the captain, even more glad that Craig didane get on. He is the best full back we have had since the Blessed David Murphy though and he loves a slide tackle, something some others need to learn for this league campaign?

Hanlon – Nice to see Paul back although he made a total erse of the clearance at the second goal and needs to keep attending the hard man classes for this League. Some errors came through after a few weeks out. As I said I am still glad to see him back.

Forster – Some will disagree but Jordan was Hibs best player today, he worked his socks off and never gave up, scored our first and got stuck in. Was fouled for our penalty and is trouble in the opposition box.

Stevenson – I think Calum Booth was unlucky to lose his place last game, my opinion has not changed, he looked very limited today against a butcher, baker and postman. He looks like a first division player.

Kennedy – Played very well for 55 minutes and for the last 10, vanished in between times and was fair blowing oot his backside for large part of that time. As an Evertonian, he wont make it at the Blues, as a Hibby, he will make a fine signing.

Robertson – I liked Scott Robertson last season, he cared. This season, so far he has been poor, today he was a bit better but still pretty poor. He looks like a first division player.

Scott Allan – I thought he was ok today and was surprised when he went off?

McGeogh – A very decent debut, wanted the ball, wanted to take men on, wanted to be part of it, tried to pass and move, I thought he did well and hope he can keep it up, although I disagree with St Patrick Stanton, who gave him Hibs man of the match.

Stanton – A shadow of the player he can be, needs to join Boozy for a rest in the young team.

Heffernan- Has the odd trick up his sleeve, is not a lone striker, but looked, lazy, disinterested and often lacked heart. He looks like a first division player.


Malonga – Replaced Allan for a much needed 2 up front. Looks like a handful, he could become a great player for us. I enjoyed his half hour on the pitch, smashing debut, scoring the penalty with aplomb. Expect him to start up front next week atDumfies.

Cummings – On for Heffernan. Should have started, fiery, nippy, looks like he gives a shite, could have scored a couple, did score the winner and enjoyed doing it. I like Jason and also expect him to start up front next week at Dumfries beside Malonga. Just do it Stubbsy.

Sinclair – Took five minutes to get going, but when he did, he looked a handful and was far more productive than Stanton.

The Management team – Play two up front against crap like this Alan, this fashion for a single striker is nonsense, all possesion and no end product. Look at the difference when we did change it, learn from your mistakes please.

Fans – Well 11,000 is no great given we were giving the seats away, but ye can understand why its not as big as it might be as its no easy. I gave my five to lads up on a stag night from Yeovil, they really enjoyed it, and cannot believe how big a club we are. Neither can I and the people that run our club don’t know it either. Well done the lads in the East, you really backed the team today and you could hear it from the prawn sandwich seats in the west.

Cowdenbeath – Piss poor, wasted time and paid for it, which pleased me. I hated their strip, but then I have never hidden my dislike of the Huns, marching their crap through our fine city or dressing up to look like it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Chairman Findlay.

Going foward, lots of work to do, but there are snippets of good, no Liam Craig, football on the ground, Kennedy and McGeogh taking a man on, Grey challenging like a defender should, Forster getting tore in, Hanlon back and big Dominique no looking looking like a big lassie at all, he could be special I hope.

Winning is good, lets keep doing it.



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