Mmmmmm, dunno whether to be disappointed or content tonight, Hibs dominated much of the game but couldnae quite kill off Dunboo United. It should have been over before a couple of tactical cock ups by Terry and Mo probably cost us the three points?

The players….

  • Williams – Was tested a number of times and done well. I don’t think he was at fault for either goal.


  • Forster – Was tasked with marking Ryan Gauld. Gauld was taken off with 20 minutes to go, I think the young laddie and his school bag are still in Jordon’s pocket?


  • Hanlon – Commanding, strong, some deft touches. Another fine game from the big lad.


  • Nelson – The admiral was decent again and coped with what most thrown at us.


  • McGivern – Again, he had a decent defensive game, not so much going forward so much.


  • Cairney – Blew hot and cold again, couldnae seem to get past his man at all, it was his error that started the attack that got United first goal. However, we could see he was struggling and the bench took too long to swap him like for like for say Handling? Instead they brought on Stanton, a good player in himself but they pushed the excellent Lewis Stevenson onto the right, Sammy onto the left and the shape was lost, which up to that point had been the difference between the teams, the midfield.


  • Robertson – Another fine performance from Scott, who ran himself into the ground for his team.


  • Craig – Probably the best he has played for Hibs so far, scoring two and working his socks off.


  • Lewis Stevenson – Yet again, Lewis was magnificent, Terry and Mo really should not have moved him to the right, he was causing United all kinds of trouble down the left side.


  • Heffernan – What a good football player he is but he was dead on his feet when he went off. Where we got it wrong was bringing on Tudor Jones for him and going 4-5-1. It didnae work and probably cost us 2 points. I felt we should have brought young Cummings on to have a last go at a very, very nervous United defence.


  • Collins – That laddie must sleep well after matches, he never stops the full ninety minutes.


  • Stanton – As I said above, we made too many changes to accommodate players, young Sammy is a good player, we need him on but we upset the balance of the midfield and the battle we were winning when we moved Lewis out right to accommodate Sam.


  • Tudor Jones – Again, whilst there is nothing wrong with shoring it up, it wasn’t needed, we had no one through the middle the last ten because we took the Heff off and put on an extra midfielder.

Ref – I thought he had a good game today?

Dunboo United – What is the hype about? They played for 10 – 15 minutes, the rest of the time they were matched and bettered by Hibernian. Why Dunboo United? Well their fans spent half the game booing like Huns, not once getting behind their team of plooky bairns until a late equaliser and you think the Hibs fans are negative, you want to have heard that lot, it was like a pantomime!

Hibs Support – Over 1500 up at Tannadice, filled the two stands we were allocated, they had to open a third behind the goals for us. Hibs were making plenty noise in that shambles of a stadium.

A funny aside. We were sitting beside the United directors and guests. Peter Houston, the red faced fandan that used to  manage United sat down in one of the leatherette seats reserved for dignitaries. A steward came up to him and asked him to move, assuming he was one of the mass of Hibs supporters looking for a seat. He went fae strawberry red to beetroot purple as he “do you know who I am’d” the steward.

Summary today is that I think we let three points slip through our fingers by shoring up last 10 to 15 minutes rather than going for the jugular. United were there for the beating.

Come On Butcher’s Boys!


Mark Strachan

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