• In front of Scotland’s largest crowd today, 16,477 we had to battle hard against a competent Pars side. We started well, could have been three or four up by half time, wobbled a fair bit, a couple of tactical masterstrokes (that I had suggested at halftime) and viola, a good goal and a good win.

Team lined up same as Tuesday, that frankly worried me, for all the reasons I mentioned Tuesday and that became apparent as the game progressed. Laidlaw looked fine, the 3 2 3 2 was simply wasn’t needed for a hame game v Dunfermline, we struggled against them with our squint midfield, players no showing form and poor links between midfield and the front two. We resorted to hoofball too much and Holt was not winning the hoofs, it was painful. Jase had a chance with a good header, SuperJ really was super and we finally saw the return of Scottish Cup 2016 winner Dylan McGeouch, he was great when Lennon woke up and changed the game, bring on Boyle then Dylan.

I thought the Pars were decent, a good team who played some good football and gave us a game, they will be there or there abouts I think. Good support too, a proper team with proper fans.

The applause for Ali were slow to start as Hibs pressed down on the Pars goal, but were given with gusto by both the Hibs family, and by the Dunfermline fans too, respect for that guys, it is appreciated. I hope you enjoyed that comrade, watching down from on high.

So to the team….

Laidlaw had a steady game, could do nothing at the goal as the defence parted like the Red Sea, something Rocky Marchiano might appreciate more than the wathcing 15,200 Hibs fans.

Gray was anonymous today, when he is we suffer, so does the system. Still he scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final as captain of Hibernian Football Club, so he is allowed.

McGregor was our best defender today, I am glad of that as he was rotten the other night. Good bounce back Daz.

Paul Hanlon was pretty poor today, there is something you don’t say too often, looked off his game and a bit wobbly.

Liam Fontaine hoofed too much but otherwise done fine. His removal saw a change in the game though, with Dylan McGeouch replacing him for the last 15. The introduction of a fitba player helped us get the killer winning goal.

I thought Lewis was poor today, no link up play with Super John, poor balls and indecision as to whether he was playing right back, right half or right wing.

Marv is a good football player, great at breaking up play, wrong for a home game against Dunfermline, he slows it down, his passing is poor but he does give his all and get tore in.

I thought Keats had a smashing first half, he is like a new player. His delivery from a dead ball is also excellent, although his teammates need to remeber that. He vanished second half though, which is a pity as I really do think I am finally warming to him, he has reacted to Neil Lennon being boss in the correct way. Keep it up James, good work fella.

And then there is John McGinn, Super John McGinn, he was very good first half and wonderful second half. John, on your day you are one of if not the best midfielder in Scotland son. I love watching you doing your job, you are a craftsman and a gentleman.

Holt works hard but for me looks like a slow Craig Brewster, he has a lovely touch and a fitba brain but he is almost trying too hard, he might have had a couple today if he had simply taken a touch first.

Cummings takes some stick from his own fans, but scores goals and I thought he was actually excellent first half, scored an excellently worked goal and never stopped wanting the ball. Cut the laddie some slack guys, he is a talent, an annoying, greedy wee shite, but a talent.


I have been less than impressed than the speed of changes under Neil, today I was getting more and more annoyed as we delayed the obvious changes. When they happened it worked.

Squirrel came on for Holt with 20 minutes to go. Direct, clever with his feet and positive, Boyl, working with Dylan and Jase gave us the three monts. I like the laddie, he looks like he enjoy playing for Hibs.

Dylan McGeouch replaced Liam Fontaine with 15 minutes to go as we went to 4 4 2, his footballings are a joy to watch, and his slide rule pass to Squirrel and onto Jase gave us a winner. I would love Dylan to have an injury free season, as when he is in team, we are are better to watch, a better team and the football is good.

Jordan came on with a minute to go, replacing Marv for a minute or so. I wouldnae mind seeing Forster starting.

I thought Dunfermline were very good, nice football interspersed with hoofs, much like us. Great support that would put most top league teams to shame, they will do well this season and I wish them well too.

It took me til half time to realise Gollum was referee, he was decent enough first half. I thought he was decent all game to be honest, go figure as he is a funny looking wee fucker.

Hibernians support was magnificent today, for over 15,000 fans turning up it shows you the size of out club. To have a crowd bigger than the game between the two teams who were 2nd and 3rd in the top league last season must have the penis length measurers in Gorgie seething. Credit to the 1200 plus Pars fans, that is a good following.

Man of the Match for me was the same as the sponsor, John McGinn was magic.


Next week, lets fill our sections in Paisley and support our team right through the league, help the players win it.

My summary today is dedicated to the memory of Ali Tait, a great Hibby, a great husband to Tina and a man who will be missed every day by those who loved him.

Ali, your memory marches on.


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