………..was my question to the Angry Hun 2 feet from me in the stadium, something about three years, one year, Fenian b’s, grunts later, I think his response was Yes. I wouldnae keep them, I would have them put down, the horrible b’s. I have watched Hibs play the Huns hundreds of times, my hatred of them only grows, the remnants who support this new team really are the barrel scrapings of Scotland’s Shame.  It was 21st Century Hibs fans versus the cast of the bar from Star Wars circa 1690. Catchy fitba tunes against ancient irrelevant folk songs. I am glad this fetid lot are dying away.

Onto the football now, and Hibs actually didn’t play particularly well tonight, most of you know, you would have seen it on the telly, BUT an average performance still saw us beat the team that used to be Rangers. Some decent performances, some less so, some tactics that didnae work, some that did, a good goal and a wonderful goal.

Back to the fans again, they kept us in for 20 minutes after the game, the funniest chant of the evening was as the four groundsmen came onto to cut the grass as the 970 Hibs fans chanted, “Ally Ally gies a wave”. Fitba can be brilliant.

So to Hibernian tonight….it was stated pre match we were setting up 3 5 2, but we played most of the game 5 3 2 and I think it gave the Huns an advantage. Good idea but didnae work?

Oxley – One fumble, two great saves and steady the rest of the time, I give him a hard time, but tonight he earned his win bonus, well played son.

David, David Gray (Those of you auld enough, think, Daddy, Daddy Cool), is simply a very, very good fitba player, I thought he was great tonight playing up and down the right.

Watson – Played right side of a back three and took 20 minutes to get used to it then strolled through the game.

Hanlon – Paul played middle of the three and I felt he didnae have a great first half, but was very good second, some great blocks.

Fontaine – Left side of the three and much like David, David Gray, Liam is simply a damn fine fitba player. Excellent defender.

Stevenson – Did the same job as David, David Gray down the right and scored the most magnificent Hibernian goal to kill the Huns off. Lewis, magic son.

Can I say at this point, the 6 Hibs defenders were excellent tonight as a group, well played lads.

Robertson – An unsung hero in the Hibs team doing his job efficiently and well. Yet again, he scored his trademark goal breaking into the box after a good ball from Allan via Cummings.

Allan – A great ball for the goal, but Scott looked a bit off the boil tonight, with only three in the midfield, that caused us problems.

McGeoch – Whilst Dylan gave away too many silly balls, he did play well and clearly enjoyed the victory afterwards.

Malonga – Brought us very little, went down too easy, didnae really bring anything to the party Dom.

Cummings – Made a few chances but got nowhere tonight really.


Boyle – On for Cummings, gave us some pace but his one good ball wisnae quite there.

Fyvie – On for Allan and I reckon we do the laddie a deal, what a ball for Lewis’ goal.

Dja Djedje – On from Dom, didnae really do too much other play in a winning team at the Hunnery.

The Management – I was pretty excited about the 3 5 2 pre match, it didnae work, it was a 5 3 2 and The Huns worked it out early flooding the midfield and stopping Dylan and Scott playing and Lewis and David, David Gray had to defend more. The successes were the excellent rearguard action form the six at the back, and the master stroke of bringing on Fyvie who set up the Lewis wonder goal and sealed the deal. For Hibernian to beat the Huns 2 0 at the Hunnery and not play particularly well is progress. As I said earlier, I like watching my football team again.

Ref – Had to try and get the Huns a goal when Liam Fontaine miss kicked the ball back to Oxley, the Huns are not good enough to turn that to their advantage.

The Rangers – Whilst its the best they have performed against us, they are woeful, its a Club that really needs to just hurry up and crawl back under its stone, curl up and quietly die. No one likes you, neither wonder.

Special mention to The Rangers “Servoca” Steward Number 31 on his Hi Vis Jacket, teeth like a set of dominoes and wispy black beard, when a Hun who had spent the whole game baiting Hibs fans moaned about a Hibs fans shouting back, the steward responded, “Just ignore the Fenian b’s mate”, clear as day, right in front of us. Their arseholery knows no bounds.

Back to Fitba and my man of the match was the excellent David, David Gray, Stubbsy really has found some diamonds this season.

Stubbsy, Stubbsy!




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