Well guys, the Phoenix has risen, our Hibees are back, we are the CHAMPIONS!!!

I am sure many of you agree, it was a wee bit of an anti climax, I get the “no tempting fate” thing but the celebrations were a bit amateurish, no? Still, isn’t it lovely to see Hibs play football, press, attack and score three goals. I think we are a better team when Fraser Fyvie plays, we were certainly were today.

We set up to win and win we did, but the goals came from the strangest of places today, two headers for one of our own, Darren McGregor and another from that master of the winning goal header, Captain David Gray. So three headed goals, not done since we scored four headed goals in a 4 0 thumping of Duff Jimmy’s Morton earlier in the season.

Some good performances today, Rocky had it easy, Gray and Lewis both did well, Darren was majestic, Efe was on easy street, John McGinn was great, Fraser Fyvie was everywhere, Dylan looked best in the middle, Shinnie worked his socks off, Boyler had a good game and Jase was the only one who looked a bit lost. Queens were pretty insipid, the referee robbed Jase of an almost clear goal scoring opportunity. Still Hibs played more football today than they have in weeks, and most of it was direct and forward. Nice.

So, Hibernian FC are champions, winning the league in front of over 17,000 fans, more home fans than can fit into the guntery in any given week.

The wee team are back, the big teams are $#@!ing themselves.

The Team

Rocky had a very quiet afternoon, other than two fantastic saves from close range. I hope we sign Rocky up.

David Gray, Captain of Hibernian and scorer of the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final on the 21st of May 2016 scored a good header and had a decent game linking with Boyler.

Darren McGregor scored 2 and won every challenge, whether that was against the opposition or his own team mates. A fantastic Hibernian player.

Efe fair enjoyed himself, capped with his back flip forwards in the post match celebrations. I would love Efe to sign for us.

Lewis had a very good game today and swung in a couple of cracking balls both halfs. I would like Lewis to remain a Hibs player for the whole of his football career.

Fraser Fyvie came back into the holding role and took over the metronome role. Hibs ticked nicely today, much of it coming through the tireless work of Fraser Fyvie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play today. I hope he extends his contract with Hibs.

Dylan and John McGinn swapped places for 70 minutes, they did so well. I would hate to see Dylan leave. He was best when in the middle last 20, picking out passes and keeping the tick tock ticking with Fraser.

John McGinn had a smashing game, he worked his socks off and looked like the SJM we love. His shots were eehhh, a bit astray all day. His passing was precise though. His brother scored for the Buddies, Hibs next year Stephen?

Andrew Shinnie started slowly but came onto a decent game before being subbed with 25 minutes to go. I would be delighted if he signed for us for next season.

Boyler had a smashing game, I thought. He ran, dribbled and scunnered the Queens defence today. Boyle like this is a decent player who clearly enjoys his fitba and playing for our club. I think he will be a bit part player in the Premier, but we need a squad, not an 11.

Jason is nae lone striker, today proved it. Petulant, lost and lacking service, he never clicked at all, although might have scored if not for a doughnut of a referee. He enjoyed the post match celebrations though and was belting out Sunshine on Leith. That will do for me. Stay for a season in the top league please son.

The subs

The first to come on was Alex Harris for Shinnie. Boozy had a very good 25 minutes and looked like the player that broke through a few years back. I don’t think he will be with us next season though.

Next came Keats for Boyler. Keats has scored some special goals, but I don’t think he gives enough. I expect he will leave, but will always be well thought of by the Hibs fans.

Barts came on for a 5 minute cameo replacing Dylan. He will be crucial in games against the big teams like Thellick, the Hun $#@!s and Aberdeen next year and the diddy teams who hoof the fitba like the Gunts. I prefer watching the fluid Hibs midfield of Fyvie, McGinn, Shinnie and McGeouch, but appreciate what Barts does for us.

Neil and Gary read my twelve player team last night on the Bounce, cheers guys. Its nice watching Hibs play football although I felt Queens offered nothing. I hope you stay on guys, you have brought steel to our club. You are winners, and for me, welcome additions to the Hibernian story.

Queens best player was Danny Carmichael and their decent keeper, Robinson who has had a few good games against us. They are a reasonable enough championship club. What I do like about them, they represent their community, and their fans were magnificent after the game today, around half of their 200 supporters stayed to applaud Hibernian as champions. That is fitba for me, well done and thank you Doonhamers.

The referee was average, he did book when he had to (Nae Hibs players either), was a fud when he stopped play for a Hibs foul when Jase had broke free and may have scored. I have seen worse though, most weeks to be honest.

The 17,056 supporters that came along were noisy and proud. Keep coming along everyone, this club are going places. The Phoenix has risen.

Man of the match was Darren McGregor, Mr Hibs. My only frustration is that we didnae sign this Hibs man 10 years ago. Darren loves our club just like we do.

I would say, had Daz not won every ball and scored two goals, Fraser Fyvie would have got my MOTM I thought he was excellent. Credit to Captain Dave, Boyler, Lewis, SJM and Shinnietsa too.

So, next week we are Hampden bound. No got a ticket yet? Get one, we have won the League, now its time to retain our Cup. Get there and support the boys, if you can?

Here we go, two in a row.

This Just Back is dedicated to Shaun McKinley, our lost brother and all our fellow Hibby’s no longer with us.

I assume Big G had his 3-0 win safely placed in a bookmaker of his choice.

Hibernian Football Club, Scottish Championship Winners 2016 – 2017.

Hibernian Forever.

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