St.Patrick’s Branch  member Mark from Livingston thoughts on the Inverness Caley Thistle game…


  • Williams was woeful, needs to have a look at himself and the video for that total shambles of a first goal.


  • McGivern was poor, very poor, I don’t think he is fit?


  • Hanlon is softer than a Luca’s slider


  • Nelson was Honkin’


  • Stevenson was reasonably decent


  • Robertson was anonymous


  • Thomson was slower than a week in Saughton Prison


  • Tiawo cannae play beside Thomson as someone pointed out above


  • Craig had two good chances to score and did reasonably well on and off, although not anywhere as he has been recently


  • Collins, as ever worked his socks off but nothing went his way, he was having to come to the halfway line to get the ball.


  • Heffernan got no service and had a quite game.




  • Zoubir – Caused some bother but it took too long to bring him on, should have been on at halftime for Tiawo


  • Stanton – Did well when he came on I thought?

I don’t think we made another sub?

  • Fenlon – I know I was questioned in my last just back about working crowds, well in simple terms, the good work Fenlon done in getting the support back on side has been ruined but his dropping Maybury, accommodating a clearly not fit McGivern, playing the consistent Stevenson at right back and taking too long to change things when everyone and their granny can see it is not working. ICT were not that good, they found it easy.


  • Hibs fans – 750 plus travelled the 300 plus miles today, they don’t deserve us. I was lucky to spend today in the company of the mixed Bounce/ Section 43/ St Pats bus, a finer bunch of radges you could not meet, I thoroughly enjoyed your company. A great trip.
  • Ref – Done fine

Inverness CT – Nae great shakes, they found it easy.

Inverness CT fans, they must practice their support at the crematorium. I have seen mair life in a bone comb.




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