Hibs worked hard today, they had to get that win. We were poor first half, over cooking it, too many passes when pulling the trigger may have been better, but we came out slightly more direct second half, scored a fine goal, Livi helped by holding the Huns to a draw, and tonight Hibernian sit equal top of the league. Well done boys, well done Alan Stubbs.

We struggled to break them down all through the first half, even though particularly John McGinn Lewis Stevenson and David Gray did their level best to do so. I have to say whilst I think Marvin Bartley is a good player, when he plays, we play at a slower pace, not something we wanted today. I know we were restricted with Dylan still working off his groin injury, confirmed by Dylan’s dad today who stood on the north terracing with the Hibs fans today. We also lose something of Fraser Fyvie with this shape. Not that I am having a go at Marvin, he is a good addition and will be needed as the season goes on. We also saw Hanlon still out, and Malonga came straight back in for the injured Henderson.

A large Hibs support turned out on a bitterly cold day, although nae lentil soup meant only weak coffee to keep us warm as we stood on the hill behind the north goal, which actually gave a very good view of the play and I dinnae have to worry about Alana Miles unlike some of the Gazebo dwellers.

It was a difficult game on a slippy pitch against a team of cloggers and a fat gambling Hun apologist, however I though Jason was very good today, McGinn simply is a fitba player of aplomb, ably supported by Lewis down the left and David Gray down the right I also though Fraser Fyvie had a fine second half and Dylan lifts our game when he comes on.

The players

Mark Oxley must have been freezing, he had very little to do, but did his job when he had to.

David Gray played very well, he was up and down the line all game and stuck plenty balls in.

Darren McGregor strolled through the game and looks better and better every game he plays.

Lia Fontaine was better today, he cannae header a ball well, we know that, but he had a good chance to score well saved and I think if it was his pass for Jason’s goal, well he can consider his game decent today.

Lewis Stevenson played very well, often linking up well with John McGinn, and put couple of tasty balls in today.

Fraser Fyvie was much improved today, he worked very hard, harried and pushed forward, pity he doesn’t shoot more?

Marvin Bartley did not put a foot wrong all game, he is big, strong and wise, but is happiest playing deep in front of the two centre halfs.

John McGinn was pick of the midfield he dinked, passed, pressed and challenged all game. The laddie earns his pay and I think he looks like he thorough enjoys playing for Hibs. If I dare be critical, it would be to say I wish he would shoot more often, his one shot today was well parried by an impressive Andy McNeil.

James Keatings just did not get going at all today, pity as I expected the fast pitch to suit his style of play.

Dominic Malonga came back in today and had lots of the ball, indeed first half, I felt he was Hibs most productive striker, without ever really looking dangerous.

Jason for me gets better every game, he slotted his goal away wonderfully well, showing he had learned from his errors on Tuesday night. His header was very well taken, nodded left or right and it was in. He really is turning into a very good player.


El Aligui came on for Dom after an hour. Dom earned his rest and whilst Farid put himself about a bit, he was caught offside too often for me.

McGeoch came on for the off form Keatings and did what he does best, raise the pace of our game and simply make Hibernian look a better team. Dylan will be a key player for the season, he makes us tick.

Boyle came on for Jase with ten or so to go and failed to do much.

That was a slog, and whilst we will play better, we still dug out a well-deserved win. Alan and his backroom team really have us breathing down the necks of the Hundogs, there sphincters will be doing ten to the dozen now as we catch up and go ahead of the tribute act. Not an easy place to go but the Management team had enough guile to get us the points again. Stubbys disdain for Chopra and the Huns was palpable on the radio post-match. Good son.

The referee did his best to keep the game flowing, one of the better refereeing performances this season so far.

Alloa were pish, their two tier pricing a disgrace, 18 quid a ticket in advance, 16 on the day is wrong. Nae lentil soup and signing 1902 songs, hope you go down rednecks.

My man of the match was either John McGinn or Jason Cummings, John is simply the best player in the team almost every week, Jason gets better and better every week, his goal was well executed his overall play first class, especially second half. It’s Jason for me, by a blonde streaked hairs width.

I really hope we can arrange a friendly, just to keep up momentum if not enjoy the break Hibs, come back hungry, our trip to Greenock will not be easy.

Glory, Glory.


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