Every week it improves, some weeks its baby steps, other weeks big steps. The six points picked up over the last two games are signs of the good things coming our way. Today Hibs were not expansive, glorious or free flowing, we were hard working, defensively sound and tough as old boots. The day all the players decide to perform is the day I look forward to, as we are winning when decent players are not performing to the levels we expect.

The team…

  • Williams – Once again, its easy to say he had very little to do. I think this if firmly down to the excellent defending from the four in front of Ben Williams. The threat (or perceived threat) of Boyd and the wee laddie with the big heed o hair was non existence, the defence mastered them.


  • Forster – I have read various comments about young Jordon not being a right back? I beg to differ, he has much to learn but the laddie is a good football player and improves at right back as the weeks go by. He is now introducing some decent attacking play to his game.


  • Nelson – He is is tough as old boots, what a no nonsense fitba’ man. I like him, pity he signed for us so late in his career.


  • Hanlon – Rarely do I agree with the sponsors man of the match, today they were spot on, Paul Hanlon was magnificent. The laddie is simply a far better player knowing he has the Admiral beside him.


  • McGivern – I have felt he has been poor this season. I wasn’t in Dingwall but it was suggested he had played well up there? First half I thought him poor, however the second half the big laddie showed he can be a decent defender, winning headers and challenges he normally wouldn’t. Best I have seen him play for us this season.


  • Cairney – He will never beat Lynford Christie in a race but takes a man on, his own misfortune being he rarely gets given a foul, even when clearly tripped in the penalty box. Willie Collum is just another idiot ref who gave Paul nowt. He tired but his goal was a peach, well played pal, you’ll do for me, just work on that fitness.


  • Robertson – I have mentioned how Scott has grown on me, today I felt whilst he did the odd decent piece of work, he was off the boil.


  • Craig – I simply think he disnae give us enough, he is a good player but I often feel he is half arsed in the way he plays?


  • Stevenson – How can you not like Louis Stevenson, whilst he will never be a world beater, he does his very best for Hibernian every week. If ever a player deserves to score such a sweet goal from a magnificent pass from James Collins, it is Louis, a peach son, an absolute peach.


  • Cummings – I love young Jason’s heart, he works his socks off, is keen, willing and once he bulks up, he will be trouble. Great performance from the wee man.


  • Collins – The laddie is an enigma, one minute turning a man and playing a beautiful ball, the next, fluffing it from five yards. Could we ask him to try harder, no, probably not, could we ask him to score more, ohhh yes. Still more Tony Higgins than Alan Gordon but I still think there is a good player in there fighting his way out.

The Subs:

  • Handling – Did ok for his ten or so minutes.


  • Tudor Jones – Played for a few minutes, I think he touched it once?


  • Stanton – No, he didn’t come on but I wish he had just to give Louis the ovation he deserved if not for Sam’s silky skills gracing the grass.


  • Terry & Mo – They are up and doon mair than a hoors knickers. I like that, they give a shit, that is for sure.

The Ref – Willie Collum is a another useless fanny in a long line of useless fannies. Turned down two clear penalties for Hibs today.

Killie – Ex Guntyhun Alan Bigeared Magicmushrooms Johnsthun reckoned his team were the better team second half, stay off the Christmas sherry pal, you won at Tynie because Hearts are shit, not because your lot are any good.

Fans – Good turn out, decent noise, now lets ALL turn up Thursday and give them the doing they have long been due.

Did I mention Terry & Mo? – You are doing fine, just fine lads, keep it going.


Mark Strachan

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