Snow is falling, well it certainly felt cold enough when we arrived in the west side of town. Hibs stepped out to a noisy away end and a home support bolstered by the noise from their tannoy. The gates had opened late, causing queues at 11.30 am, the Hibs fans keen to see us give the puddle drinkers a hiding.

All around us, the Hibs fans found their voice, old and new songs being belted out constantly. We had started without Flo and Mallan, Flo with a knee injury, replaced by Horgan and Slivka giving us some steel and skill instead of Mallan, finally Darren back to replace the suspended Porto. They had eleven fucking donkeys on, I guess in a tribute to the stable the baby Jesus was supposed to have been born in?

Children playing, well the laddie Hickey had left his lego and selection box in the changing room, although word is he had his Avengers pants on over Jamie Walkers sisters ones to keep warm?

Having Fun, Hibernian free flowing attacking football soon seen us two nothing up, a wonder ball from Scottie expertly put away with our Christmas Cracker Boyler, followed by some good work from Daryll Horgan, a strong challenge from Scottie and again Boyler’s pace and skill made it 2-0 Hibernian. Both the Hibs players and noisy fans were certainly having fun as the skidmark coloured scarf twirlers headed home before halftime.

Its the season for love and understanding, I love watching Hibs send the guffies home defeated and I understand it must be awfy watching that shite, hoofball and pub team were terms used regulalry to describe the industrial football used by the puddle drinkers. I loved Jack Ross’s approach, he worked out that Berra tows a cart when runing and Halkett is way over rated, Doidge and Boyler gave them a torrid time. I also love how he makes subs to attack not defend, he understands where we are strongest and where we are weakest.

Merry Christmas, well it certainly is and we let them know how much we enjoyed it!

Fuck the He..arts…. and today, first half especially we really did give them a doing. I though Daz, Pal and Lewis were immense, Hallberg tireless, Slivka accomplished and Boyler and Doidge both excellent, topped only by the support that sang for almost the full 90 minutes backing the boys on to victory!

The Team

Marciano was superb, a few cracking saves, stopped them in their tracks. Not dithering, only one dead ball kicked out of play, he was top of his game today.

Naismith did ok but he is awfy slow both in his play and thinking.

Daz defended liks a Hibs fan posessed, he is a Hibs fan posessed. Superb.

Paul plays better beside Darren and mastered that huddy Itchyfuckknows and had a good game.

Lewis too played very well, no messing with Lewis, he gets tore in.

Although often isolated, I though Melker Hallberg was excellent today, he is a real find and partner near him will bring even more from this excellent young player.

I thought Vicky fitted in very well and offered us a lot today, pity he cannot play this way every week.

Horgan drifted in and out but did not offer enough for me, especially second half.

Scottie set up both goals, a wonder pass and a strong challenge. I felt he gave us a bit more today than recently.

Boyler was a menace from start to finish, a pest, a wasp, he had Halkett and Berra all over the place and left them standing for two excellent goals. A star man indeed.

Chris Doidge won challenge after challenge, header after header, he too hassled the shit stains defence all game in his best performance since St Johnstone away.


I felt whist the changes were the right ones, the order was wrong and both were a little too late. It allowed the bottom club to get back into the game a wee bit.

Mallan for Allan is fine, as Mallan really took the game to them after Scottie tired, it gave our defence a break too.

Newell to helped replacing the shattered Horgan, he too brought the ball forward and relieved the pressure for the Gunts constant hoofs up the pitch.

The Boss

Excellent understanding of how to counter a pub team, Jack knew Halkett and Berra are as slow as a week in Saughton and the one outball the skitters have is the hoof to Itchybawsack. Match management was good, we subbed to bring on attacking players, not an extra defender. Its good to see.

The Hibs Fans were superb, backing the team all game, the Shaky Song, Jingle Bells, ect were excellent.

The Opposition, well they really are shite, awful. Its good eh?

I thought the referee had a good game, he tried to let the game flow, not easy with those huddies to manage.

My man of the match would have been Daz McGregor, he was immense, however Boyler was also immense and scored two fine goals. Its the Star Man for me today, fantastic!

Next up, Livi away on Sunday, get along of you can, support the team, a few tweaks we will be up there.

Hibernian Forever!

Merry Christmas, Fuck the He..arts!

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