Ooft, that was a sore one, we did not deserve to lose, indeed we might have won it if all our players had turned up today?


  • Williams – No chance at the goal, otherwise had a quiet afternoon but takes an eternity to get the ball out when he gets it, maybe my expectations are too high?


  • McGivern – One of those that didn’t turn up, daydreaming at their goal too. Lets be honest, he is a poor defender?


  • Hanlon – I thought he was excellent in a tough battle with John Sutton, he came out on top.


  • Forster – Glad to see him back, although it was not his best performance, I think Paul Hanlon is a better player when beside him.


  • Maybury – I thought he played well and did his part.


  • Robertson – Fine game, by far Hibs best player today, most forward thinking and willing to take a man on.


  • Thomson – Drifted in and out of the game today, good when he was in it, anonymous when not.


  • Tiawo – Very poor. I simply don’t think him and Thompson should play in the same Hibs team


  • Stevenson – Ask Lewis to play a position, he does, wherever that maybe. Today he played well in left midfield, although he is a poor crosser of a ball, then was asked to move into the middle of midfield, which once again he done well in, then back to left back where again he did his job.


  • Craig – Didn’t turn up. He was garbage, play broke down when he got the ball, what has happened to such a good player?


  • Heffernan – Limited service but when he did get it, he looks dangerous.


  • Vine – Simply not good enough, his shot from the sending off incident was very poor.


  • Zoubir – He livened it up when he came on, an impact sub I think.


  • Collins – Poor again, he should have scored from six yards, he didn’t.



My Hibs Man of the Match was the excellent Scott Robertson, although we had good displays from Hanlon and Stevenson too.

  • Manager – We dinnae have one, listening to Chick Young driving home, he is convinced Butcher is the new manager?


  • Motherwell – No better than Hibs, indeed we shaded it in my opinion. They are third. They also have no fans?


  • Referee – Didn’t upset me, think he got the red card right?



What next? – I am convinced a decent manager will get this team going, we have some good players there, we just need to learn to finish.


Mark Strachan

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