Well today started very well, well done St. Pat.s on a fine tribute .



To the game……..

  • Williams – Didnae have much to do
  • Maybury – struggled at times
  • Hanlon – poor at their goal, done well at ours
  • Forster – I thought he was decent again
  • McGovern. – better than last week but doesn’t inspire
  • Cairney – Hibs best player, by a mile
  • Craig – another poor performance
  • Tudor jones – odd decent touch but missed Robertson
  • Stevenson – his poorest performance this season
  • Handling – simply ineffective today
  • Collins – worked hard and took his goal well


  • Cummings – should have scored with his first touch
  • Zoubir – did make a difference
  • Nelson – again, made a difference

Terry & Mo – now you know much work you have on your hands

MOM – for Hibs, easily Paul Cairney. Overall Issac Osborne

Lucky point saved at the end


Mark Strachan

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