Well that really was an improvement, and I fair enjoyed the Bounce tours trip to the Frozen North, and tonight I am a very happy Hibby….

The team…

  • Williams, other than one flap was not tested too hard today and came through with flying colours.


  • Maybury – He improves with age, I though he was very good today, very good.


  • Hanlon – He is a better player when McPake doesn’t play and if he could keep his hands down, he would be better. Decent performance from the nice laddie.


  • Forster – As he gains his confidence back week by week he looks the player I think he is, a big strong no nonsense centre half with a nice touch. Well played son.


  • McGivern – Sorry to put a wee dampner on an otherwise good day but I thought McGivern was pretty poor today, with too many mistakes.


  • Cairney – Welcome back Paul, you really did make an impression and should never have been booked and most certainly should not have been sent off.  From my seat he did not dive but Craig Thomson really does have an agenda with our football club. Keep working at your fitness, you do improve our team. Pressed and pressed and pressed.


  • Robertson – Scott Robertson was simply superb, especially first half, he has to be one of the first names on the team sheet, currently my favourite player. Pressed and pressed and pressed.


  • Craig – Some people said he played well today, this may upset a few  but I didn’t think so, can and must do better. Pressed and pressed but didnae quite impress. It will come though.


  • Lewis Stevenson – Industrious first half as ever, magnificent second, a fine attacking game, what a good laddie he is. Pressed and pressed and pressed.


  • James Collins – Has his knockers, me included. Today, he was fantastic and worked his socks off, he will sleep well tonight, just try to stay on your feet pal. Pressed and pressed and pressed.


  • Danny Handling – The best I have seen Danny play for Hibs, first half he was sometimes unplayable, worked his socks off, scored a good goal and chased and harried until he could no more. Pressed and pressed and pressed.


  • I was surprised to see Scott Robertson come off, he is a smashing player, but Tudur Jones slotted in a did fine, winning a couple of crucial headers when it mattered.


  • Caldwell came on and ten minutes later was taken back off. Why? Well some suggested he was injured, for me I think its because he did not try, you cannae be a fresh sub and no chase the ball down, he did just that, sorry son, you won’t get away with being half arsed under Terry & Mo. Bit of time wasting going too, rightly so.

Terry & Mo – I can see the changes already, I have not been too excited about the appointment, but this is one where I think maybe I am wrong, its not pretty but its effective and we love a team of players who play for the jersey, these boys did that today, in spades.

Man of the match – Well there may just have been a few players who earned the accolade today, some smashing performances from Maybury, Forster, Hanlon, Stevenson, Robertson, Cairney, Collins and Handling but for me the men of the match were the Hibernian Supporters, led by the young team of fans who sing and back the team for 90 minutes, magnificent, each and every one of us, we carried the team over the line today.



  • Ross County – Not a shadow of previous teams.


  • Referee – Hibs need to discuss this idiot with the SFA, some of his decisions today are bordering on cheating.

Summary – I fair enjoyed that, “Come on Butchers Boys”….


Mark Strachan

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