Ooooooooohhhhhh you’re going down like a Russian Submarine, a Russian Submarine, a Russian Submarine…

Get that right up you deluded fuds.

Now, to the players….

  • Williams – Was tested a couple of times and could have held the shot that lead to their goal.


  • Forster – As I have repeated, the laddie improves week on week, he is growing in confidence and is a good strong player


  • Hanlon – Another great performance from the excellent Hanlon, he and the Admiral controlled the very difficult tattooed freak Stevenson well.


  • Nelson – Another strong performance, this guy does not shit it, ever.


  • McGivern – Did ok, not a great defensive performance but linked well with Lewis Stevenson.


  • Cairney – Drifted in and out the game, he caused carnage when it went his way.


  • Robertson – Not sure he enjoys playing beside Liam Craig?


  • Craig – Took the penalty well, but actually had another poor performance. Just not doing it for me? Not sure why he got man of the match.


  • Stevenson – Hibs man of the match yet again, what a great performance from Lewis, well played son.


  • Collins – Worked his socks off and took his goal well, good stuff son


Cummings – I thought he tried too hard and didn’t have his best game?

  • The Heff – Did very well when he came on, a clever football player who was unlucky not to score with a deft turn.


  • Tudor Jones – I thought he done very well when he replaced the injured Robertson, put himself about.


  • Stanton – Only had 5 or 6 minutes to show his skills.



Terry and Mo – Well done guys, keep it coming….

Ref – I thought he handled the game reasonably well.

 Hearts- Laughable. The wee fanny who gave Hibs our penalty should have his pocket money docked and be grounded for a week for that one.


Mark Strachan

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