Deary me, its not good to watch  but if what I am hearing is true and my source has not been wrong to date, things are about to improve dramatically……………so to the game today…

  • Williams – Had very little to do.
  • Forster – I thought he had a decent game and looked decent coming forward.
  • Hanlon and Nelson – I thought they coped with the threat of May very well.
  • McGivern – He was garbage. I would drop him.
  • Cairney – Done well enough, he at least tries to take a man on and beats them.
  • Craig – Woeful, have we signed his useless cousin by mistake? I would drop him.
  • Robertson – I was sorry to see Scott go off as he has become my favourite Hibs player. I assume he still carrying a bit of an injury?
  • Stevenson – Not one of better games, but he is a better left back than McGivern
  • Cummings – Buzzbomb first half, faded second, looks a player though?
  • Collins – Once again the big lad worked his socks off was unlucky not to score with a fine header and his penalty was a stonewaller. Keep up the good work son.


  • Thomson – Actually drove forward when he came on, some decent through balls.
  • Zoubir – Sadly his early magic has gone, if he could have got away with wearing a club puffa jaiket under his shirt he would have, he looked freezing.

Why were Stanton or Handling not brought on?

I thought we got worse when they went down to 10 men.

  • The referee – I think that is the worst refereeing performance I have seen in decades, the 10 yard booking, the not giving a blatant penalty, even possibly getting the sending off wrong, he should be demoted without hesitation, he was dreadful.


  • St. Johnstone – Decent team who did well with ten men.

Man of the Match – for me it was James Collins, I like the laddie, he works his socks off and there is definitely a footballer in their bursting to get out.

The game however, was simply awful.


Mark Strachan

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