First half we were awful, although St Mirren spent the first 30 minutes doing to us what we have been doing to others. Jim Goodwin ran the show. Our goalie was poor, the defence dreadful and the midfield rotten. Its ok though, many Hibs fans around me felt it was James Collins fault, he scored two goals and never stopped for 90 minutes. Idiots.

To the game….

Williams – Was at fault at the first goal, went down in installments just in time for the ball to come off the post and hit him and go in.

Maybury – He too was at fault at the first goal, we missed Forster’s attacking from this position.

Nelson – Worst I have seen him play for us, he is all over the place without Paul Hanlon beside him, totally wrong footed and was his fault at the second goal, he lost his man completely, stood still. Plus HOOOOOFFFF’s it too much!

McGivern – He should not be pulling a hamstring so early in a game, whilst I don’t rate him, losing him changed the shape again and the defence was a shambles. I felt Stanton should have come on for McGivern, not Harris.

Stevenson – Dropped to left back to cover for McGivern, showed he is a better left midfielder than left back.

Craig – I know you are not supposed to say this about the Hibs Captain but I think he is very, very poor. Today he was garbage. I would drop him.

Robertson – Worked hard, harried and chased but his passing was woeful, too many taps and flicks that didnae work.

Cairney – I heard he had not trained all week due to flu, he played like it. Stanton or Harris should have started.

Cummings – Buzzed about first half without doing much, did nothing second and should have been hooked early second half.

Collins – Clearly not a big favourite with the fans, he was blamed for all kinds of things as the laddie worked his socks off, receiving woeful passes from Forster, Nelson, Craig and Robertson at tit to neck height, whilst scoring two goals, one of which was a fine header. I don’t know why you bother son, its not appreciated.


Stanton – Beat men, played tight, sharp passes, passed and moved, showed skill, it will never catch on.

Harris – Never really got going although he did link well with Stanton on occasion.

Zoubir – Did nowt, why no Heffernan?

Terry & Mo – Got it wrong lads, again. Left the changes too late and only got us back into in by flooding the midfield, as the Saints did first half and scored three from doing so.

Fans – Good crowd turned up once they had battled their way through the shambles of a new swipe reader system.

St Mirren – I thought they were excellent first half hour, great passing, great touch, great movement. Well deserved win, they were far better than Hibs.

Ref – Should have been a penalty to Hibs at 2-3, otherwise he tried to let the game flow.

My man of the match was Sammy Stanton, that is a football player.


Mark Strachan

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