The Branch Committee would like to thank St. Pat’s member Mark, the writer of the excellent Just Back’s which have appeared on our website and the Hibees Bounce weekly for years. Religiously he would produce his match reports on returning from Hibs games whether traveling back from Dingwall or Dumfries, spending hours in preparation. Mark quite rightly decided to put away his feather and ink and participate in an after game social life, which we all do.
All of Mark’s Just Back’s can be read on our website, however we reproduce in our opinion the most poignant.
Thanks amigo.



Today started by me heading down to Turnhouse at 7 this morning to pick up Nabser from Waterford via Dublin. Into Glasgow Southside for a pre match party, onto Hampden to watch our football team become legends, home to Livingston, drop off the bairns and Dr Shrink, then take our bus to Turnhouse to drop Nabser back off for his Dublin flight home. Onto Leith for beers and home again and just watched the highlights and yes, I can confirm Hibernian FC are Scottish Cup winners 2016. So good I am about to watch it again after watching it twice already.

So to our team, they were magnificent, to a man, to a woman, they gave their all, they found the Holy Grail, they brought the cup home.

The Players…

Conrad Logan – A Legend

Lewis Stevenson – A Legend

Darren McGregor – A Legend

Liam Fontaine – A Legend

Paul Hanlon – A Legend

David Gray – A Legend and our Captain

Fraser Fyvie – A Legend

John McGinn – A Legend

Dylan McGeouch – A Legend

Jason Cummings – A Legend

Anthony Stokes – A Legend

Liam Henderson – A Legend

James Keatings – A Legend

Nikolas Gunnarsson – A Legend

Mark Oxley – A Legend

Marvin Bartley – A Legend

Martin Boyle – A Legend

Chris Dagnall – A Legend.

The Coaching Staff…

Alan Stubbs – A Legend

Andy Holden – A Legend

John Doolan – A Legend

Alan Combe – A Legend

Paul Green – A Legend

Graeme Mathie – A Legend

Kitty Forrest – A Legend

George Craig – A Legend

Eddie May – A Legend

Joe McBride – A Legend

Tam McCourt – A Legend

Joyce McCourt – A Legend

Dr Duncan Reid and Dr Stephen Miller – Legends

Leanne Dempster – A Legend

The team above destroyed a hoodoo, these people made Hibstory today, they should never have to pay for a drink in our city again. Each and everyone one of you, I thank you from the depths of my soul.

Now lets talk about us, the fans. WE are Hibernian FC, the 24000 Hibs fans today witnessed history, a history we didnae dare to dream off. I know others will be critical of the end of the game, let them be.

Me, I could not give a chuff. Out football club, our bonnie bhoys won us the Cup, I will love these people for the rest of my life, thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, my Just backs come to an end of this season, and it has been the happiest report I have ever filed for the Bounce and St. Pat’s, our team, your team, my team today made themselves Hibernian Legends, they will go down in Hibstory as the people that finally won THAT Cup for us and for that I once again thank them.

Hibernian Football Club Scottish Cup Winners 2016.

Hibernian Forever!


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