OK, its Cowdenbeath, but we gave them a doing. Played them off the pitch first and last 20, great to see five goals shared around, some decent performances for a few players, to the extent picking the man of the match is not easy, BUT whilst it was good to score five and pass and pass and pass, we could and should have been looking for 10. Its also worth noting we won 5 Nil without Farid, Malonga, DjeDje and Gray. It was great to see Jordon Forster back, I like the big laddie and expect him to go far. What I don’t agree with is the marginalising of Scott Allan to accomodate the return McGeoch. Dylan is a good player, Scott is the next step up from that, but is not enjoying being moved to play Dylan and Hibs simply are not as good to watch when Scotty is not enjoying his game.

So, to the game….

Oxley – He won’t have an easier game this season, was barely tested.

Stevenson – Played right back today and did very, very well for a a left footed player. His goal was an excellent strike from 25 yards, well played Lewis.

Fontaine – I like Liam, he is a good defender and strolled through the game.

Hanlon – Took his goal well and after a shaky first five he went on to have a very decent game today.

Booth – Probably his best game for Hibs since coming home. Once again, took his strike very well after some nice football from Sammy Stanton.

Allan – Scott has been moved to accomodate Dylan. I dinnae like it, Scott clearly doesn’t as his body language and performance indicated. Scott Allan should have a team built around him, we were and it was working, we have stopped and we lose the most creative player in the club. Shoogle Scott and Dylan about Stubbsy please. As for the dafties sitting in the row behind me, Dylan McGeogh is not a far better player than Scott Allan. Scott Allan had two men on him almost every time he got the ball. How any Hibs fan can sit and criticise Scott through out the game is beyond me. Sort it out Stubbsy.

Robertson – I though Scott was magnificent today, be broke up the play constantly, drove forward, scored a fine goal, very similar to his goal against the filthy Hun the other week.

McGeogh – He was smashing today, he won the ball and pushed forward, but I think he would be better a bit further forward behind the striker and let Scott Allan do the magic stuff. What a problem to have, two excellent fitba players for one position. Work it out Stubbsy.

Craig – He was alright, he has been for weeks. But he is not a patch on the aforementioned three. Still goes backward too much.

Cummings – I though Jason was a buzzbomb today, scored his normal tap in, after some great play from Allan and McGeogh. Jason improves weekly and is a great player to have in our team, he scores goals, lots of them, and every week. In another case of dafty Hibs fans, one mug behind me spent the first 60 minutes slagging Jason for any mistake he made. I made it my business to counter every negative shout with a loud compliment on Jasons scoring abilities and effort. There really are some fandans follow our club.

Boyle – He is ok, but we have much better players in our current team.


Stanton – For Allan. Delighted to see Sammy playing and looking like the player we know. His ball for Booth’s goal was immaculate.

Forster – For McGeogh. Delighted to see Jordon back, he is a good, confident player and will bring something to our attacks from dead balls and loves a hard challenge. Can fill in at right back too. Welcome back son.

Handling – For Boyle – Danny actually had a couple of nice touches today when he came on.

Stubbsy & Co – First 20 we were good, last 20 were improved again, the fifty minutes in between we too slow and pedestrian. Lets go for the jugular Alan, batter teams. Sort out the Allan/ McGeogh situation, its just a tweak or two we need there to have two first class midfielders dominate games. Good work lad, keep it up.

Cowdenbeath – Pretty poor, although their number 19, Oyenuga looked a decent player who might be able to step up to a bigger/ better team?

Referee – I though the ref was good today, let the game flow.

Fans – Seemed more than the 8200 hardy souls reported on a baltic day. Was probably still the second biggest attendance in Scotland today. Pity we still have people going along to barrack Hibs players.

Man of the Match – Could have been Dylan McGeogh, or Jason Cummings, might have been Calum Booth or even Lewis Stevenson, but I am giving it to Scott Robertson, who rarely gets credit for the job he does.

Next – Well its a six pointer next week in Dumfries, if you can afford it and can get there, get down and support the team, we can catch the Huns, but we have to beat teams like QOS to do so.

Stubbsy, Stubbsy.

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