1894-1895 Season Ticket
Hibernian F,C. Season Ticket 1894-1895


Oops, sorry I am a bit late, I spent Saturday night getting pished with good mates, fellow Bouncers/St. Pat’s members, and the Italian Hibs lads, whilst celebrating as good a Hibernian performance as I have seen since, well, ehh, Dundee United a month or so back. I then spent yesterday with Big G, my laddie, and my mate Scouse Steve watching Everton play like Hibs under Butcher. Still, as we agreed when driving up the road last night, who gives a Donald Duck, we pumped the Huns, the Rangers, Sevco, Scotland’s Shame, the fetid filth of Scottish Football and we PUMPED them 4- 0!

Saturday started frantically with Scouse Steve over sleeping down in Birkenhead and me only getting into the ground a minute before kick off, courtesy of a fast black shared with two young Hibs lads who had clearly enjoyed a chemical experience or two the night before. A pity really as I like taunting the Huns pre and post match.

The teams ran out and I thought, well that is the best team we can probably field give or take a player, bring it on Hundogs. For the first five or ten minutes of each half, they did indeed try to bring it on. It didnae work, they were outplayed, out thought, shrugged off and tactically blootered. They met Hibernian with their tails up and oozing confidence.

So to the team on Saturday……

  Oxley- I am not his biggest fans if I was honest, but he got most things right and coped with every thing the Bluenoses could throw at us, which wasn’t very much.

Gray – David Gray is a very good football player, he showed that again and his goal was a peach. Question though, how many of you shouted ‘effin hit it man, when he paused for a nano second before hitting a stoatir high in the net in front of the massed ranks from Snake Mountain. I know I did.

Fontaine – Liam has came on leaps and bounds since signing and looks the real deal, a strong, accomplished centre half who is comfortable on the ball.

Hanlon – Paul had a tough time up against the now slimline Nade last week. He did not have that problem v The Rangers and strolled through the game. Paul was back to his now regular, strong defending and tidy football. He could casually meander around the obstruction that is Kris Boyd……………..I bet he is not so keen to pull up that honking tap of his now and show off his expansive waistline.

Stevenson – Lewis was great, he got up and down that line all game and no sevconian was getting past him if he could help it.

Craig – Liam was poor at Raith last week, really poor. He made up for it this week though, I thought he played very well, and his goal was a training ground masterpiece. Well played Liam.

Robertson – Scott takes 10 – 15 minutes to get into any game first half and 5-10 minutes to do the same second half. It’s a pity, as after that he tends to be a good player for us. He spent much of the game switching position, driving at the Huns and again, his goal was as good as Liam’s, and that is saying something. Improve your game by getting into the habit of starting halves better and you will become a very good player for Hibs.

Allan – Scott Allan is the best footballer I have seen in a Hibernian Shirt since Franck Sauzee and Russell Latapy, better than Brown, Thompson, Riordan or Fletch. He ran rings around the team he supported as a laddie, the horrible piece of shit Black had to go off because Scott was turning the painters rag inside out, switching the Gorgie fannies admittedly low IQ brain into kicking drive. Scott walked through them like they were not there (and many were not there after the third goal). Scott Allan is the epitome of the type of player I want to see play for our team. Scott, you were brilliant son.

Handling – Danny was very poor at Raith too, although he didn’t set the game on fire he was better than last week. He has to give more though. He is a young laddie and he can still kick on, I hope he does and does so soon.

Cummings – I like Jason, he is a radge, and radges are good for football. He buzzes about, he is too greedy, he mistimes runs, but importantly he scores goals, and he did again against Satans 11. He too is a young laddie, with hard work and good coaching, Jason will become an important player for Hibs, keep working pal.

Malonga – Didn’t get a goal, but he moved well and they didn’t quite know what to do with his good touch and movement. Well played mon ami.


Booth – Came on as a right back replacing Gray who seems to manage an hour of each game, and enjoyed getting forward. Calum is a decent squad player who doesn’t do much wrong when he comes on.

Stanton – Came on in a double substitution for Handling and Cummings and did what he had to do.

Kennedy – Didn’t do much, coming onto what seemed like the left wing before switching right?

Stubbsy and Co – A football master class Alan, that was a tactical destruction of the Huns, a ritual humiliation and I reckon I can speak for all Hibs fans in saying that is as good a Christmas present as you and the team could give us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Hibs Fans – Noisy, passionate and I expect, by tea time, drunk! Apart from a couple of bigoted defiant chants and that rancid smell you get when 3000 of them gather in one place, you wouldn’t have known we had had a visit from the team that used to be Rangers and their 17th century support. Well done the Hibs fans.

The Rangers – First time they have played at the Holy Ground, although I use the term played as loosely as I can, and they got humped. As others mentioned, post match, there really isnae one Hun who would get in our team, I would take McGregor for cover (it was suggested he is a Hibby)? To see the likes of Wallace look unfit and overweight, and Boyd looking like he ran a Burger van tells you something of this new clubs lack of experience in the fitness, training and lifestyle elements of the game. At least they have a club tailor to let their suits out, that fat barstewards like Miller gave them a shift as did Law, but is that what you would want to see in green? Poor, very, very poor but great to watch them be humiliated! Get it right up ye’s!

Ref – I thought he was rotten, he gave way too much leeway to the hundogs and his quiet word with Kenny Miller about the impending red card for the Painter and Decorator, which promptly saw the wee toly subbed can be seen as either quietly professional or cheating.

Summary – Well as I said at the top of the tale, sorry for my tardiness and thanks Hibs. My Everton mate thinks we play like this every week, he knows we are better than Everton now ( I can confirm that after a horror show at St James Park yesterday), it made the many Hibby’s returning to the city for the holidays realise the Pheonix is indeed rising and the Hibees, maybe, just maybe back?

Bring on the Gunts.

Stubbsy, Stubbsy.



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