indexWell I missed the first 20 minutes and the first three goals, when my flight was late in, can someone else fill on them please? I did see a tortuous performance from Hibs, but we won. Play like that in the play offs and we will be in the Championship next season. Disjointed, poor passing, lack of passion, it was guff. But we won.

This is the Hbs without Scott Allan, cripes that is scary.

The players

Oxley – One punch that he should have held, one spill he should have held, otherwise, he was ok.

Forster – I like him and think he did well. he needs to push Hanlon and Fontaine out of the way at attacking corners, he heads a ball better.

Hanlon – Couple of minor errors, but he was fine.

Fontaine – Did fine, but is turning into Rob Jones, out of position, away up the field and leaving us open.

Stevenson – I thought Lewis did fine, he always does.

McGeouch – Unless he was burnt out after a brilliant first 20 minutes, I assume he has given up trying. I thought he was woeful and his penalty miss summed up his poor attitude. Sauzee only ever knows what has happened to the Dylan McGeouch of a few months back?

Robertson – Did what he had to, but nothing inspiring after his early goal.

Fyvie – Head and shoulders above the rest of the team in play and effort.

Boyle – Winger my hole. He didnae want the ball and more often than not when he got it, he did nothing with it, often cutting back.

Cummings – Wasn’t his best game, but I didnae see his goal, might have been a 30 yarder.

Farid – Still doesnt look fit.


Cannae mind who came on for who but I though Craig did ok, Malonga looked like the hungry, Dom we used to see and took his goal well, and Franck did pretty well in his 10 minutes.

Stubbsy and team – Sorry Alan, the result is fine, we won, but to only win 3-1 v the bottom club with 10 men and labour so hard to do so, its poor and we need a spark.

Referee – A total fud, just like the arrogant arsehole of a father of his. Linesman, the Hibs standside linesman seems to be wearing a pair of brothel creepers/ skater trainers first half. He took a heavy slagging, second half he come out with pair of Adidas boots!

Livingston – I felt they were very plucky and are not the worst team I have seen this season, even with 10 men. I would take a punt on the diving striker Hippolyte, he has something and imagine the Desmond Dekker based song!

Man of the match was easy, it was Fraser Fyvie by a country mile, defend attack work pass, add shooting and we have a very decent player there.

Next – Well we need to give Alloa a good scudding, hope Falkirk give the Huns a run for their Hunny and then it comes down to the last day. We have to play better than that though.



Just a usual Hibs performance for me.
The defence looked like it could crumble at any time, although hardly under any pressure.
The big fella Hippodermic was causing a bit of panic just by barging about a bit, and Hanlon Forster and Fontaine always seemed to be just a bawhair away from a fatal error. Or maybe that’s just my nerves.
Boyle looked for the ball all the time, but always appeared surprised when he got it and often just turned back. Midfield was busy but passing often too slow and not crisp enough. Jason took his goal well, but I thought he was off the pace a bit. Oxley and his time wasting is just irritating.
Game was spoiled for some by some latecomers coming in and getting in the way. It was 2-1 by then. You’d think they would make the effort and get there in time.

Dr Shrink


Far from a classic but a lovely evening to watch a game and a potential banana skin avoided, thought defence were shaky, Boyle was really poor and we were just a bit ponderous for most of the game. Three decent goals though.
Hope Gray is not far away and assume Scott Allan just had a one match ban.
Quite fancy Falkirk to take something at Ibrox.
Not sure who our penalty taker is now, we have missed at least four this season plus two in shoot out v Dundee United.



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