Jeez that was frustrating, enough chances to win three games and we scrape a draw in the end. Craig and Boyle were the biggest wasters of chances but we lost two points due to the very poor goalkeeping from Oxley, coupled with the wrong substitutions by the manager. A chance missed Hibs, and a very typical summary from a club who too often let us down. I do not think we have lost any chance of second, the Huns are shite, their games in hand are against the Jambos and away at Cowdenbeath and Livingston. If Hibs beat the Huns in two weeks, we will go above them.

The players….

  Oxley– Didnae have a save to make until the 90th minute, he stood on his line at the cross and Nade scored. I am delighted we have signed Cerny.

Watson – Defended well enough but he has a hard job if he thinks he will replace David Gray.

Hanlon – Did fine, some nice cross field balls.

Fontaine – Deserved his man of the match, the big fellae strolls though games. I do think he could improve his heading in the opposition box; he misses too many chances Jordon Forster wouldn’t.

Stevenson – Another sterling performance for our club left back. Put six or seven good crosses in that could not be converted.

Robertson – Started slowly but came onto a game. I assume he was injured to be replaced by Handling? If he was not injured, that is a grave error by the manager.

McGeoch – I thought he was very good through out the game although he was asked to play a couple of roles. Again, I assume he was injured when taken off, as swapping him for a young inexperienced midfielder when we had Stanton and Forster on the bench showed no respect to Raith and they proved it. Another manager’s error?

Allan – I though Scott was excellent today, although he tired last 15 minutes. Great through ball for our goal.

Craig – Back to his old self, he was hopeless, yet stayed on for 90 minutes? Had three good chances to score, fluffed them all.

Boyle – Scored a decent goal but proceeded to miss at least four other guilt edge chances. Not a good enough ratio for a striker. Djedje must be pissed of at the greedy bugger.

Cummings – Again I am at a loss why he gets taken off, he looks likely to score and nearly did twice. First time I have seen him try to place a shot when he should have put the laces through it like he normally does.


Handling – On for Robertson, how he gets a game before Sam Stanton is beyond me? How he gets a game before me is debatable. Hopeless.

Djedje – On for Cummings, didn’t do much.

Martin – On for the last few minutes for McGeogh, I would have brought Forster on when we were defending a one goal lead.

Management team – Sorry, you got it wrong. OK we missed lots of chances but the changes showed no respect for Raith and they scored a late goal. Drop Craig, play Stanton, drop Handling or stick him out on loan and finally get rid of that liability in goals.

The fans – Over 9000 turned up, but I am sure left frustrated. Booing Nade simply disnae work guys.

Ref – He was inconsistently pish, but as I say often, that is what you get when you get relegated.

Raith – Riddled with Jambos, they came for a draw and got one.

On a positive note, Congo lost 4-2 to Congo DR tonight, so Malonga should be back next week.

Deary me Hibs, deary me.



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