Cheers Dougie, and Happy New Year to you also.

I have to say that yourself, Big G and the rest of the committee are doing a fine job in running the Branch and it’s great to read in the newsletters and on the website about all that’s going on in the St Patrick’s branch. I was very happy to become a member as I was born in the Cowgate and baptised in St. Pat’s Church more than a few moons ago.

I’m glad to be able to spread the word about Hibs in this part of the world and I seem to have got a few interested in how the team is doing – I don’t know about getting any more OOT members yet but I’ll keep working on it!

I was at the Ross County game at Christmas – enough said – and I’m hoping to be in Edinburgh for the St. Patrick’s weekend, so we might get a jar or two in the Hibs club at some stage.

Thanks for your e-mail and take care,


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