August quickfire update – what has been happening since my last update at the end of July.

It’s been hard to summarise how we’re all feeling at the minute as it is definitely a wide range of varying opinions over the Hibs landscape. At one end not happy & disappointed and others calm & persevering. [B]Keep doing what you do and back the team and club[/B]. I will continue to navigate around everywhere to pick things up. The club reads these forums so will know where we’re placed.

I recently asked about matchday experience. I wanted to ask the question about your ideal Hibs experience direct here and elsewhere to get some insight from a small band of supporters, as with any question/survey it is a moment in time and might not a true reflection of the overall support but I found it a useful exercise nonetheless. The football team will always come first in the clubs thoughts but we’re important too and these are next in line. I’m more than confident about some of these areas being improved (certainly before I exit the building! Feel free to haud me tae that).

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Hibs Kids details are out to members and the first game is on the 26th October against Ross County –′]

When Elliot met Scott was brilliant

I particularly enjoyed this yin.

I attended the board meeting this week up at HTC. Points flagged to the board by myself and Tracey (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a fair proportion).

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  • Ticketing and Stadium Access – It has previously been flagged that the landing of the new ticketing partnership and system access hasn’t been smooth. The issues are still there and show no signs of improvement – this is now unacceptable after five home games and provides fans with the wrong experience before entering the ground.
    Our next home game is Hearts on Sunday 22nd of September – we have no chance to replicate a sell-out crowd in time with all turnstiles (however we do have the Scotland Women game at ER before then). Club will need ALL turnstiles open – the recommendation is to have manually hand scanners available in all instead of relying on a system that hasn’t/isn’t stable.
    KP -The club fully agrees with the above and I’ve seen some of the difficult conversations played out to get this fixed. The club is working hard with the supplier to have this fixed but most important is access in that next home fixture.
  • Supporter feedback – Supporters are unsettled at the moment. A sizeable number of fans are unhappy with the lack of communication from behind the scenes and the performances of the team. On the other side, Fair numbers are backing the club & team to keep persevering and come good.
    KP – I’m sure we’ll hear more from the club shortly on what has and is going on but ultimately it’s still all focus on getting the team firing on the pitch and playing to their potential.

As always, Hibs fans are barry, Since 1875 caught my attention this week – they’re making another funding and physical help push to continue the great work they do for us on atmosphere. I’m honestly really inspired by their energy.

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I’ve made a donation of £20 to them today and I’m really looking forward to their next display, coming soon!

[B]This is what it feels like to be Hibs.

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As always, gies a shout if something needs flagged and of course any time I can help – Hibs related or not.


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