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I hope you and your family remain safe and well since my last update.

Scottish fitbaw is never dull is it? Hard at the moment to find the sensible and genuine voices in the sea of theatre theatrics being played out.

I’m glad our club is working hard on the biggest issue facing our game – resumption of football in safe manner (the club has a big influence in the joint response working groups here –
The club has been strong during this crisis period doing a lot – Supporter wellbeing messages and support, contacting specific supporter groups by phone to check-in, a real desire to look after its staff and players internally, launching our Thanks to the marvellous NHS and staying respectful at all times. The Hibernian approach of making our fans, community, city, club and team proud definitely in full swing now.

Looking forward to our club showing leadership, creating positivity and unity for all in the coming weeks and months.

All eyes on May 12th SPFL EGM after requisitions by Huns, Gunts and Stranraer. This meeting combined with the Joint Response Group and the next 2-3 weeks will give us a good idea of Scottish Football’s direction.


I would like to update you on a number of key areas that I’ve flagged recently with the club on behalf of supporters.

Season Tickets and Deadlines

The Season Ticket Early Bird Deadline is set for 5pm, Friday 8th May and the seat reservation is set before Thursday 4th June. I’ve asked the club to extend these dates to one that will fit for both parties – especially given the economic landscape and uncertainty surrounding this season ending and next season beginning. The club has already commenced that review before I asked and I’m positive we’ll hear shortly.

KP – Keep working together here (Supporters and the club) to demonstrate a powerful sign of commitment and determination to get through this period.


Lot’s of great updates recently and supporters really appreciate being kept up-to-date, ask is for the club to keep doing this as soon as they possibly can (appreciating the situation is fluid) which will help supporters on a number of decisions.

KP – Club has a plan for a number of different scenarios and will move quickly to update supporters once more is known from Joint Response group and the SPFL. This will cover assurances on this season and next (Difficult position at the moment whilst so much is still unknown but I can give you my promise there will be options for supporters).


This subject has miraculously appeared on Scottish Football agenda again, I want to make sure our voice is passed on regarding this – I know how important it is. There is a substantial number of Hibs supporters against reconstruction full stop, especially no to temporary. There is a fair number that would like permanent reconstruction and are open to change. The club is aware of feelings from here and elsewhere. I’ve passed on this supporter feeling as strongly and as best I can.


The Fastest-selling Hibs strip of all time. An outstanding initiative – an idea that was suggested and championed before release by both supporters and club (great minds think alike).

The club has great exposure on this – Over 1million online impressions and shared around mainstream media – that we’ve all seen, around the world. Fantastic. This club can certainly do magical things. “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”.


Another great example of club and supporters thinking similar is a tribute to Absent Friends.

I picked this up last year from supporters and I have been working closely with the club to find a point in our season calendar to allow supporters the opportunity to show their remembrance. All was set for one of our last home fixtures in the 2019/20 season to have a matchday dedicated to Hibernian people in our green and white memories that are no longer here. That plan will now be moving onto the next available opportunity but please be assured the club is committed to the idea and fully support it.

To those Hibernian people no longer here, their memory marches on.


Another exciting development from the club, and part of the continued drive to improve services for Supporters, is the clubs new partnership with Merchant Services Provider SportingPay, This partnership will enhance the matchday experience for us massively with a card and contactless payment solution – part one of the Food Kiosk and Hospitality improvement. This ticks a lot of boxes – the partnership is worth a substantial sum of money to the club, it offers quicker, easier and safer way to pay for services and builds on the clubs pledge to build on being the Greenest club in Scotland.


Club call outs this month.

Club statement – CLUB STATEMENT

Ron Gordon Club Statement – CLUB STATEMENT | RONALD GORDON

Season Tickets sold – 5000 (Fantastic)

Darren McGregor Interview – INTERVIEW | DARREN McGREGOR

Christian Doidge Interview – INTERVIEW | CHRISTIAN DOIDGE


Stephane Omeonga Interview – INTERVIEW | STEPHANE OMEONGA

What Hibs means to me – Ryan Porteous – WHAT HIBS MEANS TO ME | RYAN PORTEOUS

What Hibs means to me – Michael Weir – WHAT HIBS MEANS TO ME | MICHAEL WEIR


20 Years (29th April 2000) since the last game on the Slope yesterday (29th April 2020). So many memories shooting doon the Slope. Always felt the height of the stonework down the front or this image of East Stand post work gives a great view of what that Slope was like.

Interview with the late, great Lawrie Reilly here at the time – “Hibs shooting down the slope in the second half was like a war cry back then”.

Immerse yourself in this nostalgia –


Really enjoyed this content from the club – ya beauty.


Hibs fans are barry – what about this strip collection from Niall Manson

Enjoyed this creativity from Finlay Martin


Great work by the team in charge here taking donations on behalf of the Bounce to provide new Hibernian NHS Thank You Strips to children in Sick Kids hospital next season. At time of writing there is 15 tops purchased.

Massive respect to the one supporter that donated (purchased) the equivalent of 15
tops for deserving children. May Hibernian luck go with you wherever you go.

30 in total so far. Magic.


This is what it feels like to be Hibs.

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