Afternoon all,

December quickfire update – what has been happening since my last update a month ago – I wanted to get this to you before the festive season kicks off proper.

Firstly, Thanks to everyone for your feedback, engagement and involvement throughout 2019 – we’ve got a great working relationship with the club and they continue to listen to our feedback on points of concern, constructive criticism and positive ideas (kiosks, stadium access, turnstiles, PA system, ladies team, green initiative, performances, communication and deepening relationships key highlights since I’ve been representing us – not forgetting dealing direct with hundreds more regarding tickets, stadium maintenance, away travel, financial queries, club contacts etc) – all of this will help shape the plans of what we do for the rest of the season, next year and part of the strategy for the longer term – Club communication on a lot of the above plus more details fast approaching (KP – I genuinely believe you’ll like what you’ll hear – it really does touch all the areas we talk about regularly here and elsewhere).

Keep getting in touch or flagging where necessary – I get round it all eventually (Lot’s of feedback this week about away fan ‘behaviour’, stewarding, home fan conduct and more – I’ve channelled it into the club (and will continue tae)).


Club call outs this month.

Hibs Players spread Christmas cheer at Edinburgh Sick Kids

Gunts and Livingston ticket update including ticket office administration changes

Sean McPartlin arranged the visit of Double Olympian Eilish McColgan to HTC


Points flagged to the board by myself (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Club football content and communications popular in November and December (Pat Stanton new club ambassador, foodbank collection, sick kids hospital visit and calendar signing session), player engagement is important and the club to continue looking at deepening relationships in this manner and keep engagement high.

KP – My escalation this month to the club was before feedback and good discussions were had about Hibs ladies. I know the club has a plan developed to keep the them at the top of the game and we wait to hear what that will be.

As always, Hibs fans are barry.


Hibs whenever, wherever – including Porty Beach in December.__________________________

I was extremely motivated to complete this one in memory of those Hibernian people no longer here. I know how important this is to a number of fans and I’m extremely motivated further to get a proper Hibernian focused day to those no longer here in the diary. Great news is the club is too. Watch this space.


Hibernian Community Foundation are making a big push on their 2020 vision of providing 5,000 hot meals to children who need our help.

Food poverty affects on average almost 25% of children living in Edinburgh. In parts of North Edinburgh, including Leith, this rises to over 35%.

I’ve sent over a donation to keep that target tracker ticking.

This is what it feels like to be Hibs 



Everyone get right behind Hibs on Thursday Boxing Day (enjoy it to the max), looking forward to getting Friday out of the system and no better game than this one to do it. If the players can match the energy and desire of us we’ll be barry – and of course away on Sunday to Livingston before we break. Come back refreshed and let’s hit the second half of the season with a bang.


I’m looking forward to meeting up and playing football in an organised match with other Hibernian people and more on Hogmanay (1pm at Leith Links) in memory of Shaun McKinley (His perseverance despite a terminal illness to see Hibs lift the cup in 2016 is something I think back to a lot at this time of year. We all have that inner perseverance in us, tap intae it at any moment ye need some of it. Rest in Oasis pal).

Lastly, have a great Christmas and New Year. Keep doing what you do and supporting this club and all those connected wae it.

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