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February quickfire update – will need to look out the cardboard jaiket for Hampden. Again.


Hibernian Chairman Ronald Gordon unveiled our five-year strategic plan to shareholders at the club AGM during the week.

Every area of the club has been analysed to bring together an ambitious plan that sets out a vision to build on the progress made recently.

Key call outs

  • Compete in top 4 for all competitions and participate in Europe
  • Double our investment in the player budget by 2023 (currently at its highest ever level – primary focus will always be football)
  • Grow number of Season Tickets and matchday tickets
  • Increase turnover by 50% by 2023 and 100% by 2025
  • 1million investment to improve Easter Road (PA system, Big Screen, Advertising digital ribbons, Food Kiosks(in-house service), Corporate Hospitality). A festive celebration about the club every game
  • Refine and define the Hibernian brand

Points I wanted to flag that might’ve went under the radar from the headlines

  • We play to serve our community – which is an important part of the heritage of Hibs
  • Aim to be the most recognised and admired Sports brand in Edinburgh
  • Build consistently exceptional teams that compete for trophies every year – football always comes first
  • Provide first class customer service – we treat everyone with respect
  • Innovate and take risks
  • Promote a ‘can do’ attitude, a culture that we can do anything, nothing is impossible
  • Have valued and long lasting relationships with corporate partners
  • Season ticket value – give value and thank you to season ticket holders (membership, discounts and exclusive offers)
  • Being creative how we sell tickets (packages and bundles)

Ron talked about being grateful and thanking the support and HSL for financial support of the club – now looking at how we can develop more opportunities for contributions for those that want to (anything additional is always straight to football – not at the expense of something else). Ron also extended his gratefulness and admiration to Tom Farmer and Rod Petrie for leaving the club in a great place – that will continue and to grow more we will invest.

Ron closed the meeting with a very powerful ending – The tradition, heritage and history of the club is special and should be honoured but the clubs best year are ahead of us, not behind us and we need to work together.

Thanks to everyone that got in touch over the the last month with any query big or small, keep them coming – always available. Lots of good conversations around a number of points recently – cup ticketing pricing and seating, Hėarts ticket allocations, Since 1875 and more.


Club call outs this month.

2020 AGM and Strategic Plan

Joelle Murray first to agree Part Time Pro contract with Hibernian Women


Greenest club in Scotland



Points flagged to the board by myself (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Supporting Singing section/Since 1875. The group recently did a survey, with club backing, on potential safe standing/sing section location. Now its looking at what possibilities and opportunities there is on accommodating the group better – they contribute a lot to atmosphere/matchday experience and are a great influencer.

KP – The club are keen (as much as we are) to improve the atmosphere and are definitely open to change. Now it’s working together to deliver a well thought out plan and execute in the correct manner. I’ll keep working with all parties to keep on top of this to make sure we’re hitting full potential.

Since 1875 survey results.



Some Hibs fans are special – Alan Lugton was one of them. Great to see an appreciation of him and his Hibernian history workings during the recent LIvingston match on the 72 minute. His memory will march on.


Hibs fans are barry, especially on our travels – some majestic nostalgia posted recently.



Hibs in the Community are ramping up the outstanding work they do in the local communities.


At the start of February they launched Hibs Class – a new educational programme designed to encourage young people in primary schools to lead healthy lifestyle and gain confidence.


Not Hibs related but a fantastic story how football is a powerful tool – I’ve nae time for bullies, well done all involved.

Dnipro Kids turnstile Collection.


I was delighted to hear Dnipro kids raised £1,520 during blizzard conditions in the recent Livingston match. Echoing the massive well done to the volunteers that stood out to collect and of course, the donators.

Dnipro Kids February update can be found here Dnipro Kids – February Update

You can make a small donation to their fundraising efforts through their update – I’ve sent a small donation over.


This is what it feels like to be Hibs.


On to Tuesday night and beyond, to quote Ron from Wednesday night – “Everyone is indispensable and necessary to the success of the club. We’re all necessary to succeed” – we’re all necessary on Tuesday and in this exciting season end.


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