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January quickfire update – roughly 7 weeks since my last update – a win at Tynecastle, winter break, cup progression and transfer window been and gone – approaching the one year in role (fast year!).

Thanks to everyone that got in touch over the festive period with any query big or small, keep them coming – always available.

At the end of December, the Livingston fixture flagged a lot of match entry problems – sizeable Hibs support walk-up but a large amount unable to gain entry before kick off. I’ve seen dialogue between fans and both clubs and I’m confident when we’re back there either in the split, or next season, this poor experience will be learnt from with both clubs working together on solutions for a better experience at Livingston’s match event.


There has been a lot of feedback about unacceptable conduct to me and the club – We’ll keep working together on this – the SFA have set up a task force group to address a number of issues of unacceptable conduct and Hibernian are represented on that. Likely to be next season before we see benefits of such group.

The Sheep v Hibernian. Saturday 7th March, 3pm – confirmed.
There was a lot of press reports and conversation about The Sheep wanting to move our fixture with them on the 7th of March at Pittodrie from 3pm to an evening kick off. The club had our back and I was happy to voice our concerns additionally. Hibs fans aren’t against change or trying out new ideas (nor is it right to say every Hibs fan said no to such move) but these things require a little notice (and incentive!). The fixture will remain as is.

Lots of good conversations around a number of points recently – AGM, HSL, strategic plans, club vision, club improvements. That needs a thorough joined up communication plan and I’ve seen all involved in that working hard to bring it together. AGM notifications will be with us by the next time I fire an update out.

Club call outs this month.


Club ambassador Pat Stanton welcomes Adam & Stephane
KP – Pat will be doing this for all new signings. Wonderful, great decision.

Tracey Smith appointed Players’ Lounge Captain
KP – Magic! This volunteer role is something she was doing anyway, that’s her personality. It’ll make a demonstrable difference to players and their families.

Welcome Adam, Stephane, Paul, Marc, Greg – give us everything you’ve got and we’ll be happy.


Jack Ross “Today’s (Friday) been a particularly busy day for us,” he said. “We’d have liked to have everything concluded prior to now but it is a notoriously difficult window to operate in. Ultimately we’re satisfied where we are coming out the window.”

I know how hard the club tried on other moves. Looking forward to the club picking these back up again in the summer.

Thanks to those that have moved on from the club. Wishing you all the best.

Points flagged to the board by myself (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Throughout the season there has been a number of errors or issues flagged by supporters regarding ticketing performance, information or other supporter touchpoints. In isolation they’re acceptable but when bundled together it creates a negative experience. Continue to work together to ensure any supporter impact/touchpoint is a positive for all.

KP – My escalation this month links to the Dundee United away ticket release, added to previous release problems or conflicting information (ticket administration changes). The club work hard in this space and I’m positive it’ll be smooth here on in – I’ve offered myself as a tester to step walkthrough anything supporter relevant.

As always, Hibs fans are barry.


Shaun McKinley memorial match doon Leith.

Morning’s in ma hoose.

Dnipro Kids turnstile Collection.

Good updates from Stevie on here about the long lasting relationship with Dnipro kids.

The group are looking for volunteers to spend a little bit of time shaking a bucket before the Livingston game on the 22nd of February.

The Hibs community are proud and strong backers here. Something in their bucket come that Livingston game would be appreciated by all.

Dnipro |

If you can help out, please email Jackie Stark at __________________________

This is what it feels like to be Hibs. 


 Onwards and upwards Hibs. 



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