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Good news! Hibs are back at the end of this week to fill a massive void in our lives. However, it’s not as we would all want but it’s welcome fix all the same. There is positive noises around Scottish football that we might see crowds at stadiums before year end – we all know that is a flexible situation but we can be confident given the part we, and the rest of the nation, has played getting us to here. Keep doing what you do. Here through the usual channels and


On the 5th July, our long awaited fixtures for the new campaign was released. We open with Kilmarnock this Saturday before making the short trip to Livingston on Saturday 8 August. Our next four matches thereafter have been selected for live coverage on Sky Sports – Dundee Utd (a), Motherwell (h), St Johnstone (a), Aberdeėn (h). Throw in Rangęrs at home on the 19th of September as a big likely to be changed for Sky Sports we’ll be on show widely early in the campaign.


The club released details of Hibs Pass on Tuesday 28th. The revamped Hibs TV package will be a new experience for most of us and one that will support us short-term till we’re back at Easter Road. The club will continue to make it simple as possible for instructions. The above is a useful link to FAQs.

Testing of the Hibs specific platform for sign-in testing will be completed tonight 5-8pm (Wednesday) and there is another opportunity tomorrow again. The technical provider Stream Digital has taken the learnings from Celtíc, Aberdeėn and Motherwell matches played over the last week and will now apply that to all 11 teams using the service from this weekend onwards, including us. Patience may be required to get stability and smooth performance but I’m hopeful of success given the work the team at the club has done.

A reminder that Season Ticket holders will see all games (including those on Sky Sports), The SPFL and Sky Sports have consented clubs to sell streams for games not shown on Sky. These streams will be sold through the HOME clubs’ website through a registration and sale process.

Joelle Murray is the latest addition to the new Hibs TV line up, joining David, Tam and regular voice Cliff as a special guest on Saturday – there will be more special guests throughout this virtual journey. There will be a half-hour build-up with the team, alongside some half-time coverage and a post-match round-up. Looking forward to seeing this kick off.

Please remember to sign-on early on Saturday, the programme is available from 2:30pm.

The club announced on Monday 27th July that Pay Per View will be available when the opportunity allows.
I’ve passed a lot of supporter feedback from here and elsewhere regarding our need to look after all different types of supporters over the summer – Season Ticket holders, regular walk-ups, hospitality, overseas plus others – I’m disappointed that some supporters will miss out on Saturday but I appreciate and understand where the club has got to in making sure everything is right technically on Saturday before taking time to ensure the best structure and service specific to PPV is rolled out at the next available fixture.

I would like to update you on a number of key areas that I’ve flagged recently with the club on behalf of supporters.

Virtual streaming confidence

Straightforward ask of watching Hibs virtually lands successfully on the first few return to play games to gain widespread confidence in our systems. Access is made simple and the coverage is high quality for supporters.

KP – I have seen all the different club departments working on this behind the scenes – supporting our technical partners – and I know they realise how important this is and want to go that extra step further for us, they’ve put a lot into it.


c10,600 Season Tickets and Hibernian Supporters hitting 1,000 new/restarted contributors.

The fantastic backing shown by all of us has given the club the confidence to strengthen the squad through bringing in Alex Gogic, Drey Wright and Kevin Nisbet.

The Power and difference contributing small spare change regularly to Hibernian Supporters is there to be seen.

Hibs Strip update

Dispatching of the pre-ordered 2020-21 home kits commenced today (Wednesday 29th July) and once cleared the small and hardworking clubstore staff will move onto fulfilling the away kit pre-orders.

Any collections can be made once you receive an email confirming your order is ready to collect – please take that with you or proof of address when collecting.

Once the club has processed the majority of the above orders they will move to open up more options for strip pre-order on the second large batch – delivery expected in September. Keep an eye on the club channels for this opening again. (for context a second batch order wouldn’t usually be made until late in the year – phenomenal sales).
Our Yellow kit was released on the 17th of July. A good throwback to 2004 and 1998 (and more) yellow. The new third kit will be made to order and won’t be available in the clubstore – order window will close on Friday 6th August and delivered in early October.

Hibernian Community Foundation – If you know your history


Legendary Goalkeeper John Burridge is the next guest as part of ‘If You Know Your History’ with Hibernian Community Foundation on Tuesday 4th of August 17.30-19.00. The call will look back at Budgie’s time with Hibernian which included a cup win in 1991 where he became a fan’s favourite.

What a character – hopefully we’ll find out first-hand if he did go in the huff at Airdrie away about wearing a goalkeeper top that wasnae his own or if he really did catch fruit and veg in his sleep.

Club call outs this month.


Welcome to Drey, Kevin and Alex – everyone is excited by their arrival and the players have integrated well.


Our Scottish Cup semi-final fixture has been planned in – weekend of Saturday, 31 October and Sunday, 1 November with dates and kick-offs subject to live broadcast. There is genuine belief these fixtures can be played in front of crowds and with our new players eligible and not cup-tied there is no better way to close off a quite frankly forgettable year by going on and having a shot at glory.

Hibernian agree Tec:agency partnership

Ticket Office is back open


Easter Road flags and banners
KP – remember to get in touch with the club to have seats and areas covered in your creative efforts.

Amanda Jones leaves the board
KP – echo the club’s call out in wishing Amanda all the best in her new appointment. A fantastic support to me settling into a new environment.



I was mentioning to a friend of my Dad’s (for the purpose of this we’ll call him Terry) about the new latest Hibernian 3D phone cases. Hibernian FC

“I’ve got one of them” and proceeds to send me a photo of this.


Wait until he catches up and finds out we won the Scottish Cup in 2016.

Pat Quinn 1936-2020

I enjoyed being telt tales about Pat playing for Hibs by Tamsons bar regulars when I was younger. A midfield controller with so much skill it left a legacy at the club which is still remembered today. His
memory will go marching on.


This is what it feels like to be Hibs.


Fantastic support from members of the Australia branch of the Hibernian Supporters Association. Unbelievable effort these guys and all our overseas supporters across the globe go to in supporting our club. Hibs and Perseverance is in all of your DNA.

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