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October quickfire update – what has been happening since my last update on the 30th September

I mentioned elsewhere recently that I’m unhappy to hear a lot of Hibs fans are either disappointed, disengaged or even angry at the moment. I’m taking full responsibility of that supporter feelings and doing everything I can in my power to get it fixed (I absolutely get how people are feeling). Where we are right now isn’t where everyone (fans and all at the club) wants to be. We’re all in it together. Football is a mad game and can change in an instant – we’re all needing that positive change.

Keep doing what you do – thanks for feeding back, thanks for engaging, thanks for being resilient and keep backing the team on the park.

Since my last update the turnstile performance and stadium access has improved vastly overall but I know there has been the odd turnstile failure or intermittent problem – this will continue to be perfected.


Other noteworthy news

Graeme Mathie comfirmed as Sporting Director


I attended the board meeting this week. Points flagged to the board by myself and Tracey (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Supporter feedback – The unhappiness of supporters regarding on field matters has increased massively and is very visible in a number of ways.
KP – The club is aware of the concerns. Let’s be honest, there is a lot of fans unhappy with performances and Paul Heckingbottom (a sizeable amount want him removed) – only winning games and better performances from the team will change that for some, for some it won’t.

– More communication – a large amount of the support want to hear more from behind the scenes at the club (this was flagged in August and September – Leeann update received 30th August via Hibs TV). Being straightforward the majority want to hear more from Ron Gordon.
KP – It’s been stressed that this is now becoming urgent as well as important. I’m empathetic that there has to be granular detail to what is communicated by the club and it’s not just a general statement/update but it’s needed soon.


As always, Hibs fans are barry – the organisation and commitment by all to get donations to the Changing Room at the recent Hibs Livingston match was brilliant. Well done all.



I was glad to hear the supporter that took unwell in the West Stand against Celtic is making a full recovery. Well done to everyone that assisted and the first aid, paramedics and then NHS too.



This is what it feels like to be Hibs.

Darren and son Max.


Everyone get right behind Hibs tomorrow. Resilience and perseverance to bring it back home to Leith.


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