This Saturday 14th June from 11.00 until 4.30, as part of the Leith Festival, the Hibs Supporters backed ‘Leith Links’ and the ‘Multi-Cultural Family Base’ MCFB will be sharing a stall.There will also be a ‘beat the goalie’ competition as well as some cracking raffle prizes.
They will be in Row C stall 49. The weather forecast is pretty good so come along and say hello.


Susan Linn the  Organiser and Founder of  ‘Leith Links’ says…..


The following words were penned by the marvellous Hibby, Alan Lugton, who spoke at one of our Branch meetings a couple of months ago:

“The social background of Hibernian Football Club, their founding and their early history, which have given us a club for all the community, a club with an unconquered soul. Supporting Hibernian is a way of life for thousands, and if we supporters wish to remain true to the humble roots from which Hibernian sprang, we should from time to time pause and consider whether we move under our own direction or at the bidding of forces we did not originate and cannot control.

The social background of Hibernian and early years of Hibernian Football Club should be remembered positively, as something to be treasured and as inspiration for the future. The making of Hibernian has been brave, colourful and romantic.’ (Lugton, 1999)”.


It is in this spirit that I am delighted to bring you an update on ‘Leith Links’, the fund I started almost a year ago. To date, over £8,000 has been raised by good Hibby’s, and therefore, we will be in a position to purchase over 80 Kicks for Kids Season tickets for Easter Road next season to enable less fortunate children to join our family.This is testament to the wonderful principles which we hold dear and is wholly in-keeping with our club’s philosophy – integration and inclusion. 

It was with this rich and proud history in mind that I was delighted to be invited to form a partnership with the Multi Cultural Family Base, through their ‘Scoring a goal for Inclusion’ project.  Leith Links provided Kicks for Kids Season tickets to the Organisation so a strong partnership was formed and along with the wonderful Hibs support, we have now set up a ‘befriender’ scheme, to introduce Black, Minority, Ethnic children to our beloved club and it has been a roaring success.  Also, the call to provide unwanted football kit and/or equipment produced magnificent results and so much so, the wee boy who wore the wellies to play football now has a brand new pair of trainers, courtesy of a St. Pat’s member (as do his brother and sister, from the same, kind soul!) and numerous children around Edinburgh are sporting Hibs kit when they thought it was something they could only dream of. In fact, one of the children, who is now the proud owner of a Hibs top approached his School Janny (another St. Pat’s member) and said “look, I’m a Hibby now just like you!”  Isn’t that wonderful?  A relatively small gesture of donating kit no longer needed meant that together we played a part in assisting children to integrate into our family.

St. Pat’s and Leith Links have many things in common and this is the main reason I joined the Branch.The most fundamental element is pride in our Club and recognition of the responsibility we have to the whole community to uphold our good name, promote our Club and make Easter Road a welcoming place for everyone. 


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