Renewal of Annual membership subs are due in January. To facilitate payment we have added an additional method of payment in the form of GoCardless (thanks Branch Techy Jamie).

Full details of all payment methods can be found on the Membership section of our Branch website here……..


Note: Juvenile Members……at our last Branch meeting it was unanimously agreed that the Branch will pay the annual memberships of all our existing under 18 years of age members (40+ at present) and any new ones. If you have not signed your kids or relatives up to St. Pat’s we would encourage you to do so.

Note: International Members…..it has been mutually agreed between our Branch and HSA Officials that as we have members overseas who find it difficult, to say the least, to attend Easter Road, you will not now have to pay £17 as an Out of Town member. Membership for those overseas will now be £7 or 10 Euros. A £10 bar voucher will not be issued.

Note: Out of Town Members….it has been mutually agreed between your Branch and HSA Officials that those members within the UK who may only occasionally be able to visit Easter Road will be able to put your annual £10 bar vouchers to one side until you can. Therefore if you were visiting Edinburgh to see the Hibs in say three years time, your 3x£10 (£30) vouchers will be honoured.The back of all vouchers are now blank to reflect this.

Note: New Members….. Could any new members joining this year who decided to use the GoCardless option of payment please forward your details Name, address, postcode, date of birth, to me as unlike Paypal where details are included, I only receive your e-mail address. These details are needed for both membership application forms and our Branch database.

Likewise could any member who has changed their address over the past year please forward the new address. Unlike any other Branch we send out a large number of £10 bar vouchers by post. Wouldnae like to send it to the wrong address.

People change e-mail addresses fairly regularly too. If any of you know of amigos in the Branch are not receiving Branch correspondence, get them to e-mail me too.

Having a large Branch membership now brings administration challenges. Your help is appreciated.









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