We are delighted to tell you that Daniel Gray will be speaking about his acclaimed fitba’ book ‘Stramash’. Daniel who is a Middlesbrough fan born and bred and has lived in Sunny Leith for several years,fatigued by bloated big-game football and bored of samey big cities, Daniel went in search of small town Scotland and its teams. At a time when the Scottish club game is drifting towards its lowest ebb once more, Stramash singularly fails to wring its hands and address the state of the game, preferring instead to focus on Bobby Mann’s waistline. Part travelogue, part history and part mistakenly spilling ketchup on the face of a small child, Stramash takes an uplifting look at the country’s nether regions. Using the excuse of a match to visit places from Dumfries to Dingwall, Daniel  surveys Scotland’s towns and teams in their present state. I have read it and it is both informative and bloody funny at the same time. Come along and hear his tale.

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