Taken from the Hibees Bounce:

After our first full season we wanted to keep up the momentum to ensure we continued to build to allow a more sucessful campaign in 2012/2013. We reviewed many of our actions last season and worked throughout the summer where a vast array of new ideas were discussed. We have had several successes this season that we wanted to recap on.

Displays have been a major part of our planning since the fixture list was announced in the summer with the our closest rivals playing at Easter Road in the first game of the season. Thankfully, the atmosphere at the game was terrific.

Less than a month later we travelled in numbers to Parkhead and along with a vociferous away support, backed the boys onto an unexpected point during the 2-2 encounter.

Fast forward eight weeks and on a Friday night Fir Park was again subject to a large away support, a neat flag display, a cracking atmosphere and a thumping 4-0 win. This saw the beginning of Alee Alee Alay Oh being implemented into the wider support. It also came as a shock to learn that well loved Hibby, Mark McCabe had sadly passed away. It was a fitting tribute to Mark that a song he played a big part in introducing to the group was aired by such large numbers.

Further displays against Hearts and Celtic were a success, with two great wins and a noisy home support. Most recently was the visit of Aberdeen, which saw the team progress in the cup to the quarter finals. A large surfer created during the week leading up to the game was a fantastic effort by those involved, with a lot of hard work and hours paying off with great results.

In addition to the displays, our organised Corteo to Tynecastle on the 3rd of January was a huge success as several hundred Hibees marched to the ground. The cracking atmosphere on the Corteo was carried into the ground that night.

Away from match days, plans for games in the future are always in discussion, with various meetings and flag making days arranged. From two-sticks and flags, to banners and surfers, a lot of time is spent making sure we have colour inside the ground, whilst at times getting a message across. Regular 5-aside matches, as well as meeting up pre/post in the pub have proved valuable for the group to meet other supporters in and around Section 43 whilst helping the group expand. The level of interest shown to us has been overwhelming at times.

Fundraising is one of our main focuses to ensure we can continue to carry out displays at matches. The group is often looking at various types of merchandise that can be created. The scarfs, introduced last season proved very popular and this was later followed up by the introduction of polo shirts. A large quantity of stickers were bought, with various designs, which have also proved to be popular. Most recently, beanie hats have been discussed and an order will be going in very soon. Scarfs are next on our list as we have approximately 60 reserved at the moment.

More information on our merchandise can be found here: http://www.sect43.co.uk/forum/forumd…43-Merchandise

We believe the group is continuing in the right direction, and every member is determined that the progress will continue. We would like to thank the support for their feedback, interest and support so far and hope the atmosphere at Easter Road and on the road can continue to build game on game.

Depending on ticket sales we are keen to get the whole support involved in a display at Rugby Park for the quarter final and would appreciate your input and ideas.

Of course donations are always welcomed by PayPal, bank transfer or cash being passed over. Without it, the displays would be impossible.

PayPal – section43hibs@hotmail.co.uk

There are various others ways to support us by offering your assistance at flag making days, purchasing merchandise or participating in our ’21 Goals’ competition.

Glory Glory To The Hibees
Section 43

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