Dear Branch Members,

On behalf of the Branch Committee I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. 

This season is already proving to be a better year for Hibernian FC than the disappointment of not achieving promotion the previous season. Success on the pitch has been matched with the new approach by Hibs in developing better relations with Hibs supporters. As we look back at 2015 we can be proud that St Patrick’s Branch has played its part in influencing these changes.

Hibernian FC had representation at our sell out St. Patrick’s Night in March where St. Pat’s Hibernian Achievement Awards were presented by Branch Patron Patrick Gordon Stanton to Susan Linn for work with Leith Links, Alan Lugton for his dedication and work over many decades which resulted in the wonderful The Making of Hibernian Trilogy and wee Sam Martinez who at 105 is the oldest living Hibs supporter.


Branch members have participated in various working groups under the umbrella of Working Together and will do so in 2016.

At the 2015 AGM of the Hibernian Supporters Association our Branch Secretary Gordon McKinley was asked to Chair a working group to rewrite the Rule book of the Hibernian Supporters Association/Club which was deemed not fit for purpose. Representatives of several Branches have worked together on this and a final draft will be presented to the HSA membership before the next AGM.

The Branch has continued to support less well off following the ethos of Hibernian FC since it’s inception 140 years ago. We have made donations last year to The Canongate Youth Project via Leith Links, The Hibernian Community Foundation, Mercy Corps, Edinburgh Aid Direct and Street Soccer Scotland. Branch member Robbie who works for Street Soccer Scotland wrote to us saying ….

”We decided to use the donation by the Branch to purchase 50 dri fit training shirts with SSS logo and the message 
‘ Football, Hope, Change’ on the front which were distributed on Xmas Day and distributed over festive season to participants with the remainder spent on toiletries and sweets for gift bags, We had a good attendance at the Christmas day football festival and meals at Southside Community Centre. Thanks again to our Branch for the support, I wonder if there is any scope to get a Branch 5/7 a side team together to play occasional friendly games / charity matches etc.”

Our Branch membership has continued to grow. Or membership at the start of 2015 was 230 and grew to 350 by the end of 2015. At our last Branch meeting we agreed unanimously that all of our present members and all future members under 18 years of age will have their membership fees paid by the Branch.

Over the past year our Branch meetings have been honoured to have had Hibernians attend participating in Q and A sessions. Most meetings have had in the region of 50 members in attendance, however both 140th Anniversary Branch meeting in August and our last one at which Alan Subbs and others attended, had 100+ in attendance. We would like to thank the following who spoke at St. Pat’s Branch meetings in 2015……….Frank Dougan, Amit Moudgil, John Brownlie, John Blackley, Mickey Weir, Keith Wright, Alan Lugton, Sir Tom Farmer, Leeann Dempster, Bobby Sinnett, Ian Colquhoun, Ted Brack, Alan Stubbs, George Craig and John Doolan.

So as we go forward into a new year let’s not underestimate the fact that it’s only with your continued membership, that St Pat’s Branch it is what it is. Likewise its only with your membership that we can be an influence on our Football Club, supporter’s groups and organisations and continue to promoting the historic values and ethos of our founding fathers.

With thanks also to Mark, Jamie, Darren, the HibeesBounce for hosting St. Pat’s website securely on their server, Branch Delegates and Committee Members.

Dougie McLeod

St. Patrick’s Branch Chair




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