Your Branch St. Patrick’s are a Progressive Branch of the Hibernian Supporters Association acknowledged as such by none other than the likes of Sir Tom Farmer and Patrick Gordon Stanton, our Branch Patron. Regular communication  with our over 500 Members is key to our growth over the past 7 years when our membership was only 5.

I am delighted that we can add another unique service to our Members……This Week In History of Hibernian FC …..

Our Branch Member, lets call him The Hibee Memory Man, will share his memories of Hibs games on dates in his lifetime…….absolutely all from memory, with zero reference to books or internet. It sounds impossible but utterly true as myself and Chair Dougie have personally testing him out with random dates face to face over a pint that took us here. Utterly amazing . Will bring back memories of games attended folks. Enjoy.

Memory Man

October 1st
October 1st has been a happy hunting ground for the Hibbies!  If I’d been born 35 minutes later, I’d’ve been ‘one of the chosen few’, as a fellow strathaven Hibby once told me.  (But he arrived ten minutes late for a derby once.  On Jimmy O’Rourke’s 19th birthday: Saturday, 18 September 1965.  And, consequently, missed all the goals.  Hibs were 4 nowt up at Swynecastle!  Those kants only beat us once there in 20 years!  And that is fecking true!)
– Tuesday, 1 October 1985: SPL: Hibs 5-0 Clydebank.  The third win wi nae goals conceded at ER in a week!  Two first half goals by Jukebox Durie (ma wee hero at the time) and a second half hat-trick by Stevie Cowan!
– Saturday,1 October 1988: SPL: Hibs 3-1 Celtic.  And we were 3 up at half-time!  Two fi Stevie Archibald and wan fom Gareth Evans!  It was featured the following week on Saint n Greavsie, when the latter complimented Duff and Gray!  Christ!  ‘Who’s Sorry Now’, to quote a Connie Francis classic:
Saturday, 1 October 1994: SPL: Hibs 3-0 the Harry Wraggs.  Two in the first half by Ooh-ahh Jackson-ahh and won in the second, going up the slope, fi Mark McGraw.  I think that was only his second ever goal for the Hibs.  and both were going up the slope (the first was against Falkirk in a 2-2 draw on Saturday, 14 September 1991).
– Saturday, 1 October 2011: SPL: soon-to-be-deid-hunz 1-0 Hibs.  Not that we knew it at the time, but the bastion of bigotry that had polluted Scotland and everywhere else that it went like a junkie’s Tony Hart in a lift would cease to exit within months.  Unfortunately, still playing players that they couldnae otherwise afford they beat us won-nil.  Stacky saved a penalty n aw.
I’m gonnae get this tattooed on ma midriff.  The late, great football commentator and fitba journalist Ian Archer said it all:“This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”  Ian Archer 1976
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