Memory Man25th of September

– Wednesday, 25 September 1985: Skol Cup semi, 1st leg: Hibs 2-0 old huns.  McCoist has penalty saved by Alan Rough at 0-0 before debutant Gordon Chisholm puts Hibs a goal up on 69 minutes, then Jukebox Durie makes it 2-0 after 77 minutes!  Happy days!
– Wednesday, 25 September 1991: Skol Cup semi at Hampden: old huns 0-1 Hibs (can you spot the trend here?!).  What was until 21.5.2016 my Dad’s favourite ever Hibs goal: Keith Wright’s heeder at the huns end of Hampden.  It should have been more.  More happy days!
– Saturday, 25 September 1993: SPL: old huns 2-1 Hibs.  Went to this with the Glasgow Branch.  McAllister fouled in the box in the first 40 seconds: no penalty.  huns opened the scoring after about 18 mins, Evans equalised after about 25.  Baw hits off Hateley after 52.  huns undeservedly win in what was the League Cup final dress rehearsal.
– Saturday, 25 September 1999: SPL: Hibs 0-2 tims.  Sauzee and Paul Lovering sent off.  Ref was a James Hunt.
– Saturday, 25 September 2004: SSBs 0-1 Hibs.  Went to this, going up on the chuff chuff wi Fun Boy, Daz, Jimmy Egan, Muffer, Davie Grant, the Goose etc.  Missed the goal (by Riordan after about 60 mins) as I was steamin’ and daein’ a very long pee.
– Saturday, 25 September 2010: tims 2-1 Hibs.  Riordan scored a goal of the season consolation for us in what it transpired was Yogi’s penultimate game as manager.  He should’ve gone after Ross County emptied us from the previous season’s Scottish Cup back in the March (Tuesday, 23 March, to be precise).
26th September
September 26th seems to be another of these chuffing annoying Hibs-dinnae-usually-get-a- decent-result on days.  Bugger.  Anyway:
– Saturday, 26 September 1987: SPL: Hibs 0-2 Aberdeen.  The following day’s Hunday Mail commented that when George McCluskey went off, Hibs were left with no recognised strikers.  The following week Celtic signed Frank McAvennie and we drew 1-1 at Parkheid on his debut (Andy Watson wi 10 mins to go) equalising Andy Walker’s 4th minute opener for the tims), while we signed Andy Goram on Thursday, 8 October 1987.  Well seeing what Lexo’s plan was, i.e. to sort our notoriously leaky defence out.  It’s fair to say that scoring goals was not his priority that season.  We finished 6th, winning 12, losing 13 and drawing 19 of our 44 league games!  We only scored 41 league goals all season, whilst conceding only 42!  I think I’m right in saying that this was the only season in our history that we have averaged scoring less than a goal a game and simultaneously averaged conceding less than a goal a game!
– Saturday, 26 September 1992: SPL: Hibs 0-0 Dundee.  D’you know?  My abiding memory of this game are two-fold.  Firstly, when walking along the uncovered area at the back of the terracing, a contemporary cover version of the late Gerry Rafferty’s classic ‘Baker Street’ was playing; which prompted the gadgie in front of me to remark to his mate, ‘that’s f******’ pish!  the original was decent, mind!’  The guy did have a fair point.  Random the things you mind.  Secondly, a young Hibs player called Steven Raynes had a very good game, in what was otherwise a dull, turgid encounter.  Years later, when living in Leith, I was getting a taxi down the Walk, and got chatting to the driver about the Hibs, and he mentioned that a relative of his called Steven Raynes had played for the Hibs.  So, of course, I  interjected and bored his erse of with how Steven Raynes had scored the first equaliser in the 2-2 draw wi Chelsea on Sunday, 4 August 1991, in which new signing Keith Wright had scored the late second equaliser.
– Saturday, 26 September 1998: 1st division: Hibs 0-0 Hamilton Accies.  D’ you know?  That that season when the Hibs rampaged through the banter league, we only dropped 5 points at home all season.  And the only teams that left ER wi points were the two relegated sides: Stranraer won 2-1 on Saturday, 15 August 1998 (the day of the Omagh tragedy).
– Saturday, 26 September 2009: SPL: Motherwell 1-3 Hibs.  To be honest, boys, ah’m no’ even sure that was the fixture that day.  But we did win 3-1 there round about then, wi Stokes getting at least one.  I could look it up oan the interweb.  But that would be cheating.  Ah dae all this fi memory !
– Saturday, 26 September 2015: 1st division: Hibs 1-1 St Mirren.  Three days after an epic ousting of the SSBs from the League Cup, Stubbsy’s inconsistent Hibs produced a predictable relapse against newly relegated Saints.  They scored after about 17 mins (I think) and we equalised shortly before half-time.  Cannae mind who scored, though.


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