Memory Man

These are the memories of  the Hibee Memory Man and memory only. No Googling, cards up sleeves, hypnosis nor mirrors used! His opinions are his own take on things of course.

– Saturday, 16 October 1993: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Celtic.  Top of the table Hibs retained top spot despite dropping a point at home (this season was the last of one for a draw, two for a win) to lowly, managerless Tims (Liam Brady had been emptied after a 2-1 midweek loss to St Johnstone in Perth on Wednesday, 6 October; the short-lived reign of Lou Macari was imminent). Gareth Evans gave us a well-deserved lead, from a well-worked move, going up the slope after 72 minutes, but we could not add to our lead.  something we came to rue when substitute Gerry Creaney fired in a spectacular and undeserved equaliser, totally against the run of play, with but five minutes remaining.  I was there with my Dad, and we stopped for a very fine pie supper from that chippy at Powderhall on the way back to Bearsden (which is full of hunz; well-heeled hunz, but hunz all the same).  Talking of hunz, we would go into the following week’s League Cup final against them at Parkhead (Hampden was being renovated or reconstructed.  Or both) as league leaders!  Heady times indeed to be a Hibby!  Indeed, I recall some discussion with the Glasgow Branch (of which I was a member at the time; guys like Jack Glancy, Bill Campbell, Ian Robertson, Kevin Robertson, Masher Mackie etc. are all true Hibbies; good guys that go every week and have done for years; for decades, in fact) re whether Hibs had ever gone into a Cup final as League leaders before.  Possibly the League Cup final against Motherwell in 1950.  Anyway, here’s hoping that this time next week we have another League Cup final against Motherwell to contemplate!  Get it right up the Old Firm!
– Saturday, 16 October 1999: SPL: Motherwell 2-2 Hibs.  Not sure of the scoring sequence or the scorers, but I think we led twice and that Pat McGinlay and Mixu Paatelainen were the scorers (although I might be getting mixed up with the 2-2 draw at Easter Road on Saturday, 11 December 1999 when that happened).  I was working as a retail underwriter in Standard Chartered in Cardiff at the time and had to work a lot of Saturdays, while the Rugby World Cup was on.  Anyway, I mind sitting in Scott’s Bar at Windsor Place killing time by having a pint while waiting for a bus home and the score flashing up on the custard and jelly.
One postscript to this game is that that season (our first back following promotion the previous season) we drew 2-2 with Motherwell thrice (including twice at ER) and lost the other Fir Park fixture 2-0.  Not a good return v the GJP’s team.  (Not that he was the GJP then, of course!)
– Saturday, 16 October 2004: SPL: Hibs 2-0 Dundee United.  Goals from Garry O’Connor (in the first half) and Steven Fletcher (in the second) ensured the three points remained in Leith as Tony Mowbray’s resurgent Hibs continued their fine form.  Was at this with the usual suspects as I still lived in Leith then.  But I left at half-time as I’d been oot all night and the following morning (including a visit to the then radges’ emporium which was The Old Salt) and I had to work in The Alhambra at 6.  So I missed Steven Fletcher’s first competitive goal for the first team.
One post-script to this match is that we won all three League fixtures between the teams this season (2-1 and 3-2 at Easter Road and 4-1 at Tannadeechee), but were knocked out of both domestic cups by them.  The 2-1 Scottish Cup semi defeat (which I came up from Wales for) after leading through Riordan’s penalty early in the second half was particularly galling.  I loved Tony Mowbray as a manager and I loved his team and the pretty, beautiful, sexy, exciting football they played .  But, Christ, it was difficult to escape the conclusion that they bottled it on the big occasion too often.  Which is why I feel that JC is not given sufficient credit for the League cup triumph of 2007.  I appreciate it was largely Mowbray’s team; but I feel it was JC’s management which made the difference.  It’s an imponderable, but that is my opinion.
– Saturday, 16 October 2010: SPL: Hibs 2-1 Killie.  Managerless Hibs recorded their first home League win since Saturday, 6 March (when a Danny Galbraith goal saw off the same opposition (I was there; at the Shetlandand Orkney Supporters ‘do’).  Not sure who scored, but I think Riordan got at least one, if not both.
One post-script to this match is that two days later Colin Calderwood was unveiled as our new manager.  I mind sitting looking at that arrogant, supercilious visage in the photo on the BBC Scottish football page on the internet at work and thinking to masel, ‘What the hell is Rod Petrie thinking off?  This guy has a bad managerial record, has been working as number 2, and has no knowledge or experience of Scottish football.  This will not end well.’
Hibs’ derby record since Saturday, 3 September 1983 (when we lost 3-2 at Swynecastle; only our second defeat there since JFK was still alive) was exactly that.  I had only recently turned 16 on Saturday, 17 October 1987, I had been supporting Hibs for four years and I was into my fifth year of Secondary education.  I had yet to experience the joy of a derby victory.  In the 17 games between the two since their promotion in 1983, this was the record:
3.9.83: 2-3: Tynecastle (Callaghan, Irvine)
5.11.83: 1-1: Easter Road (Thomson)
2.1.84: 1-1: Tynecastle (Irvine)
28.4.84: 0-0: Easter Road
25.8.84: 1-2: Easter Road (Kane)
27.10.84: 0-0: Tynecastle
1.1.85: 1-2: Easter Road (Jamieson)
2.4.85: 2-2: Tynecastle (McBride 2)
31.8.85: 1-2: Tynecastle (Durie)
9.11.85: 0-0: Easter Road
1.1.86: 1-3: Tynecastle (Harris)
22.3.86: 1-2: Easter Road (Cowan)
30.8.86: 1-3: Easter Road (McBride)
1.11.86: 1-1: Tynecastle (McBride)
6.1.87: 2-2: Easter Road (McCluskey, Weir)
4.4.87: 1-2: Tynecastle (Roddy McDonald og)
29.8.87: 0-1: Tynecastle
8 draws and 9 defeats.  and all but 2 of those defeats had been odd goal ones.  And several of those odd goal defeats had been when we had succumbed to a late winner by them (for example, Derek O’Connor’s injury time winner for them in August 1984; or Sandy Clark’s late winner at Tynecastle in August 1985).  Make no mistake, the rejuvenated hertz under Mercer, McDonald and Jardine based their whole identity on primacy over us and supremacy in the Derby fixture.  They wanted it more than us.  They understood that Derby games have more in common with boxing than with football.  and they were brawlers to our artistes.  The only times that we have enjoyed the upper hand in derbies in my time as a supporter, i.e. under McLeish, Stubbs and now Lennon, is when we have outfought them.  hertz, as a Club, is a playground bully, and, if you ever had the misfortune to experience bullying as a kid (which, I, unfortunately did in Strathaven), you’ll know that bullies don’t like it when their victim or their intended victim demonstrates that they won’t be bullied and starts fighting back.  Saturday, 17 October 1987 witnessed a weak club start fighting back.
Hertz entered this fixture as League leaders.  They’d won their previous six matches.  We, on the other hand, weren’t on a bad run, either.  And we had made some positive new signings, such as Andy Goram and Neil Orr.  Also, at that time we were blissfully aware of what a pair of shysters Duff and Gray were.  The sun may not exactly have been shining on Leith in October 1987; but hope was in the air.  On to the game itself, a capacity crowd of 23,396 was in attendance and it was treated to an early goal as Eddie May put Hibs ahead after only 6 minutes.  However, this lead was to last but nine minutes before Robertson equalised for them.  But then – after 41 minutes – it happened: a May corner, a Kano header: 2-1 Hibs at half-time!  For all hertz’ pressure in the second half, they couldn’t find a way past Goram in the Hibs goal!  when the ref finally blew for full-time exuberant Hibbies descended on to the pitch.  A sight which 21.5.2016-style goaded the diet-hunz, who proceeded to 21.5.2016-style invade the pitch with malicious intent.  A combination of the bizzies and the stewards prevented a serious situation from developing.
Hertz’ derby invincibility was over.  their four year run mere history.  There are some interesting post-scripts to this match and its significance, though.  Firstly, Andy Goram managed in his first derby what Roughie failed to achieve in 17, i.e. a Derby win.  I always feel sorry for Roughie here.  He’s a far more benign individual than the Lancastrian .  A great goalie, Goram, but not a very nice individual.  Secondly, Hibbies of my generation had only known Derby misery prior to this fixture, but guys born 10 or 20 years earlier had experienced the joys of a run between 1965 and 1979 (there were no derbies between 1979 and 1983, so it would be unfair for either set of supporters to include those four years as part of an unbeaten Derby run) in which hertz only beat five times: four in the League and once in the Scottish Cup.  Indeed, between 1968 and 1973, hertz failed to score a single league goal against us.  And in the 1970s they beat us only twice!  And we had gone 12 games unbeaten against them between September 1973 and November 1978.  Indeed, the current 7 game unbeaten run is our best since March 1976!
Interestingly, this victory was the first match in our own six game unbeaten run against them.  Which, including this game, comprised of three wins and three draws.  Sadly, Saturday, 1 April 1989 was the first of a 22 unbeaten run for them.  We should be aiming for 23.  Starting next Tuesday.
The hunz are undoubtedly the foulest institution in football, their fan base including thousands of roasters. However, as a Hibby, victory in the Derby is what really matters.  We’ve got the upper hand at the moment, but Hibbies of my vintage recall the bad times.  We don’t ever want to experience them again.
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 is a bloody good date for creating more Leith laughter and simultaneously more guffawing at Gorgie.
– Saturday, 17 October 1992: SPL: deid hunz 1-0 Hibs.  A late goal for the home side defeated a plucky Hibs, who looked good for a point until about 8 minutes to go when McCoist (I think) grabbed the only goal of the game.  Saw the scores coming in in the Banner Cross boozer in Eccleshall Road, Sheffield.  Where I watched the hunz beat Leeds in the first leg of the ‘battle of Britain’ clash in the Champions League the following midweek.  the local Sheffielders could not believe the amount of union jacks in the home end at Ibrox.  I had to explain that this was what Rangers fans did.
– Saturday, 17 October 1998: 1st division: Hibs 2-1 Morton.  A late winner by Barry Prenderville.
– Saturday, 17 October 2009: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Dundee United.  A first half goal by Zemmama gave us the lead, before they equalised in the second half in front of roughly 13,500 fans.
– Saturday, 17 October 2015: 1st division: Apologies, but I cannae mind!
– Saturday, 18 October 1986: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Aberdeen.  Not that we knew it at the time, but this was the last time Alex Ferguson managed his Aberdeen team at Easter Road.  It was also the last time he would competitively manage anyone at Easter Road (although he did bring his Man U side north for Gordon Rae’s testimonial on Monday, 3 October 1988; a night when Joe Tortolano  cut Strachan in half and was sent off for that challenge after about 8 minutes).  Given that the Dons took the lead roughly midway through the first half, Gordon Chisholm’s close range shot following a corner (I think) going down the slope after about 76 minutes rescued a welcome point against a team expected to beat all opposition every week; much in the way the current Celtic team are.  Also, this was only the second point we had taken against them at Easter Road since the Willie Irvine game of Saturday, 15 October 1983.  Indeed, it was only the third point in total we had amassed against them since that game (we had rained on their title parade in a 2-2 draw at Pittodrie on Saturday, 5 May 1984; in truth, but for some outrageous refereeing by Alan Ferguson, we would have won that day.  Alan Ferguson was guilty of even more egregious refereeing in their favour in a League match at Easter Road on Saturday, 23 March 1985.
Our record against Aberdeen in the 1980s was as follows:
1979-80: (1980 part) 1-1 away (the only away point we took that season, i.e. we lost 17 out of 18 away League matches.  We were actually winning until they equalised very late on); 0-5 home
1981-82: 1-1, 0-3 home; 0-1, 1-3 away
1982-83: 1-1 autumn 82 ER; 0-2 Pittodrie 1.1.83; 1-4 (Scottish Cup ER Jan 83); 0-0 ER May 83 (Strachan missed pen for them); 0-5 Pittodrie May 83
1983-84: 2-1 (ER, Sat, 15.10.83); 1-2 Pittodrie Dec 83 (Irvine); 0-2 (ER, Feb 84); 2-2 (Pittodrie, Sat 5.5.84; McGachie, Rice)
1984-85: 1-4 (Pittodrie, Jamieson, Sat, 1.9.84); 0-3 (ER, Tues, 6.11.84; Durie missed pen for us at 0-0); 0-2 (Pittodrie, Sat, 5.1.85); 0-5 (ER, Sat, 23.3.85)
1985-86: 0-3 (Pittodrie, Sat, 10.8.85; John Collins’s debut); 1-1 (ER, Sat, 12.10.85; Cowan); 0-3 (Skol cup final, Hampden, Sun, 27.10.85); 0-4 (Pittodrie, Sat, 14.12.85; Durie sent off at 0-1); 0-1 (ER, Sat 22.2.86); 0-3 (Scottish Cup semi, Dens PArk, Sat, 5.4.86)
1986-87: 0-4 (Pittodrie, Weds, 13.8.86); 1-1 (Chisholm, ER, Sat, 18.10.86); 0-1 (Pittodrie, Sat, 13.12.86); 1-1 (McCluskey, ER, Sat, 7.3.87)
1987-88: 0-2 (ER, Sat, 26.9.87); 1-1 (Pittodrie, Weds, 25.11.87, Kane); 0-0 (ER, Sat, 9.1.88); 2-0 (Kane, Tortolano, Pittodrie, Weds, 4.5.88 – SIR DAVID GRAY’S DATE OF BIRTH!)
1988-89: 1-2 (Kane, Hibs wore all-white, Skol Cup q-f, Weds, 31.8.88); 0-0 (Pittodrie, Sat, 3.9.88); 1-2 (Archibald after 30 seconds; Archie also missed a penalty at 1-0 early in the second half, Sat, 5.11.88); 0-2 (Pittodrie, Sat, 7.1.89); 1-2 (Houchen, ER, Sat, 8.4.89)
1989-90 (1989 part): 0-1 (Pittodrie, Sat, 12.8.89); 0-3 (ER, Weds, 25.10.89)
Not a good record, as you can see.  Although it did begin to improve (from a very low starting base) in 1987.  By which time Fergie was exercising his hairdryer motivational tactics on inveterate drinkers like Norman Whiteside.  Cracking player big Normski, mind.  that goal to win the FA Cup final against a very good Everton team (knackered from their CWC exploits against the cheats of Rapid Vienna in midweek) was a thing of beauty.
– Saturday, 18 October 1997: SPL: Aberdeen 2-0 Hibs.  The purple-shirted Hibs lost the second of what would transpire to be a run of seven successive defeats.  To this day I still cannot comprehend how Lex Gold did not relieve him of his responsibilities after that run.  I really, really cannot.
– Saturday, 18 October 2003: SPL: Hibs 0-2 Livvie.  There was a larger-than-usual-for-the-time crowd of roughly 8,900 for this game because, sadly, on Monday, 6 October 2003 the legendary Joe Baker collapsed and died at a charity golf day in, I believe, his native Lanarkshire.  Joe, as we all know, was (and still is) a Hibs legend.  There was a special programme and contemporary players from his two spells as a Hibby would be introduced to the crowd at half-time.  This attracted a few waiverers who would not normally have parted with hard-earned cash to watch Bobby bloody Williamson’s Hibs live.  I, and all my mates, had a season ticket, of course.  So I was there.  Sat in the East.  Seat P73.  Digressing slightly, but this was the first year that our group split in terms of location of ground for STs.  Fun Bobby, Dazdog etc. decamped to the West Upper that season.  Where they have remained.  I used to go there for Cup ties.  So, for example, I saw us knock Celtic out of that season’s League Cup (on Thursday, 18 December 2003) from that stand.  2-1 was the score.  And we gave them a goal start!  A repeat on Saturday would be just fine and dandy!
On to the match, Hibs were murder.  Abominable.  I was a season ticket-holder for all of BW’s tenure, and I can honestly say that it was a really depressing time to be a Hibby.  And that season – his last in charge – was dire.  There were only three highlights all season: the ten men Garry O derby win on Sunday, 17 August 2003; the aforementioned Celtic League Cup victory; and last, and certainly not least, the penalties League Cup semi win against the old hunz, when only 7,000 of us bothered our jacksies to go through to Glasgow and actually physically attend.
This match was very similar to an earlier two goal home loss that season.  When we had hosted Motherwell on Saturday, 13 September 2003.  And the legendary Johnny Cash had passed away the previous day.  Autumn 2003 was a sad time for losing heroes.
One post-script is that Livvie would be us four times that season.  As well as this match, they beat us 1-0 at their lego-pit on Saturday, 17 January 2004 (I was there; it was dire); 2-0 in the League Cup final on Sunday, 14 March 2004 (possibly the most depressed I’ve ever felt coming out of Hampden; and I was at both Derbies played there; as well as numerous other cup final humiliations); and 4-1 on the last day of the season.
One omen is that this was – prior to this season – the last time we played Livvie in the League Cup.  We beat both Rangers and Celtic in that year’s tournament.  Is that an omen?
– Saturday, 18 October 2014: 1st division: Livvie 0-4 Hibs.  Was on Alba.  Missed it as I was working in the boozer.  Cannae mind who scored, either.
– Saturday, 19 October 1985: SPL: deid hunz 1-2 Hibs.  A week before the much-anticipated Skol Cup final and we travelled through to the place where we had booked our spot: Ibrox.  The home side was desperate for revenge for their Skol Cup exit, but, equally, we were desperate for revenge for the undeserved victory the deid hunz had recorded at Easter Road on the second day of the season (Saturday, 17 August 1985; John Collins’s home debut for the Hibs; we lost 3-1; hunz invaded the home stands, causing a 28 minute delay to kick-off; oh, and hertz got humped 6-2 at Love Street that day; I’ll type that again: hertz got humped 6-2!  I love that statement!).  Again, I was not at this game; which took place on the last weekend of the October week for those of us who grew up on the West coast (I mind that my second cousins in Leith; both Jambos, unfortunately, always had their October week a week later than us greater weegies).  I mind listening to the match previews on Radio Scotland and David Francey opined that he expected Hibs to win because he had seen the recent Skol Cup semis and, consequently, he believed Hibs were more likely to win!  David Francey, for that, and for your commentary from Dens in May 86, I think I love you.
On to the match itself, both the hunz at my school (Strathaven Academy) and the following day’s papers (with hunz as journos aiming to please the lumpen-bampotariat- plus ca change, ca meme chose) were exceedingly churlish in that they refused to provide Hibs – as a team, as a club – with any credit.  Rather they focused, in the case of the papers, on one person and one person only.  Alan Rough!  The Mail on Sunday’s heading was ‘ROUGH ON RANGERS’ with the sub-heading ‘HIBS OWE IT ALL TO THEIR KEEPER’.  While the hunz at Strathaven Academy, while acknowledging that Roughie had played a blinder at Ibrox – again, also attributed our win to ‘that effing Fenian b******, Colin Harris’!  You see, this was our second consecutive League win there in the calendar year 1985 (we had also won 2-1 there on Saturday, 12 January 1985; my Dad’s 42nd birthday!), and on both occasions Roughie played a blinder and Colin Harris scored a late winner!  Two reasons why both are forever legends in my eyes.
A Stuart Munro og had put us ahead on 38 minutes, Harris doubled our lead on 85 mins before the ref handed Davie Cooper a penalty, which the latter converted.  The attendance was 23,478, at a time when League matches between the two at Ibrox were often watched by no more than 15,000.  According to the hunz at school, Hibs took a huge support to this fixture; who sang noisily for 90 minutes!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, an away day win at Ibrox!  We’ve no had one of them for a while!  I just love winning there!
– Saturday, 19 October 1991: SPL: Hibs 0-0 Motherwell.  A week before the much-anticipated Skol Cup final (can you see the trend here?!) we hosted Motherwell and disappointingly only drew.  This was concerning because we were big favourites against Dunfermline, and for our much-vaunted team with Keith Wright, Mickey Weir and Pat McGinlay, all prolific in the early part of the season, to draw a blank was a worry.  I mind seeing the scores coming in in the Banner Cross boozer in Eccleshall Road, Sheffield during a fine Saturday afternoon’s carousing watching the Rugby World Cup (England won in Paris).  Man City won 1-0 at White Hart Lane; so the boys I drank wi, predominantly Man City fans, were happy chappies.
– Saturday, 19 October 1996: SPL: Motherwell 1-1 Hibs.  A week after beating the deid hunz 2-1 at Easter Road, temporary manager Jocky Scott and his magnificent mouser took us through to darkest Lanarkshire.  Kevin Harper scored for us and Jim Leighton achieved the rare distinction of, I believe, the only red card of his career.  ‘It’s a funny old game, football’, as a pipe-smoking commentator once sagely observed.
– Saturday, 19 October 2002: SPL: Partick Thistle 0-3 Hibs.  Two goals from Garry O’Connor and one from Mixu Paatelainen made it four wins on the bounce for Bobby bloody Williamson’s Hibs (we would make it five the following week thanks to a Grant Brebner goal at Pittodrie; and it would’ve been six if BBW hadn’t subbed both strikers at only 1-0 up against hertz with only 8 minutes to go a week later.  That still rankles today; 15 years later).
– Saturday, 19 October 2013: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Celtic.  This was live on the custard and jelly; so I watched it down here.  A clearly offside Paul Heffernan gave us the lead after about quarter of an hour, and, subsequently, for all Celtic’s possession and dominance, they were toothless (a bit like us on Saturday against Aberdeen).  However, the Tims did eventually equalise with around twelve minutes left.  We were lucky to get a point; a point which, it transpired, was the last of Pat Fenlon’s tenure as manager.  I liked wee Pat and felt that Leigh Griffiths carried him for two years.  Also, I felt that he should’ve been relieved of his duties following Malmo.  But I thought at the time emptying following a Cup derby defeat was the wrong decision.  And that TB (condolences to him and his family at this sad, present time) was the wrong candidate to replace him.  I would’ve gone for Kenny Shiels.
– Saturday, 20 October 1984: SPL: Hibs 2-0 Dundee.  On Gordon Durie’s debut it was his slightly older new team-mate Paul ‘Kano’ Kane who scored the goals.  The first was after 43 minutes and the second after 58.  Kano, of course, comes from a big Hibs family and I recall him telling Big G outside the 4 In Hand (on Sunday, 17 April 2011; we lost 2-1 at home to Hamilton Accies!) how his actual debut was in a friendly v Swansea City.  Even if Cardiff City are my second team!)Ray Kennedy gave him a hard time and how George Cowie of hertz inflicted a bad injury on him in the Derby played at Tynecastle on Saturday, 31 August 1985.
A couple of postscripts to this game.  Firstly, Kano’s first competitive goal for the Hibs had been scored the previous season during a 3-1 win at Easter Road on a night that there was free admission because the original fixture had been abandoned due to fog.  A game which attracted an unusually large attendance for the time of around 10,000 spectators.  The free admission goodwill gesture clearly worked.  It’s strange, because Hibbies tend not to remember the reign of Kenny Waugh as being one characterised by lavish spending on the part of the Chairman; but the late Mr Waugh senior did put his hand in his pocket on a number of occasions.  And despite an abortive attempt to buy hertz in 1981 (which led to Donald Ford encouraging a certain obese, egomaniacal, uber-capitalist to buy the club.  And we all know what happened next), Kenny Waugh was a true Hibby.
Secondly, Kano always has time for you as a Hibby.  On Sunday, 8 September 2002 he led the Hibs over-35s down to Manchester for the Soccer Masters at the MEN Arena (where the recent terrorist atrocity at the Ariana Grande concert occurred) and partied long into the night with us fans who had made the pilgrimage at the less-than-salubrious Black Lion pub in Salford.  And on Sunday, 22 October 2005 at Pittodrie I buttonholed him to tell how I’d been in Cape Town recently and an old former playing mate of his faither’s, Beefy was asking for him.  Kano was genuinely interested.  As the song goes, ‘he’s one of our own’.
Thirdly, this would be Hibs’ last League win until Saturday, 12 January 1985; when we won 2-1 against the deid hunz at Ibrox.
– Saturday, 20 October 1990: SPL: Hibs 1-0 Motherwell.  That kind man and poor Scotland manager George Burley liked the Hibs so much that he scored for us after just six minutes; despite playing for the away side.  It was the only goal of the game and this match provided our last League victory until Saturday, 2 March 1991; when we beat St Mirren 4-3 at Easter Road thanks to a last minute Gareth Evans strike.  We had been a goal up through Paul Wright before the Saints roared back to lead 3-1.  Geebsie then reduced the deficit with a rocket shot, before Wright equalised (with a penalty, I think).  This match was the first time that League season we had scored more than once in a league game.  Season 1990-91 was depressing indeed.
– Saturday, 20 October 2007: SPL: Motherwell 2-1 Hibs.  Two goals from future Cardiff City striker Ross McCormack (he would join the Bluebirds the following summer) ended our unbeaten League run.  They had already beaten us 4-2 at Easter Road (on Wednesday, 26 September 2007) to knock us – as holders – out of the League Cup, and would beat us a total of four times that season.  We only beat them once; thanks to a lone Colin Nish goal sometime in February, if I recall correctly.
Interestingly, I heard this scoreline coming in in Dempsey’s boozer in Cardiff where I was in the company of the South Wales CSC No. 1, who had been watching the Tims hump the deid hunz 3-0 (  I had my Pat Stanton era retro Hibs top on as I was going to see The Proclaimers at the St David’s Hall that night.  Loads of Hibbies there!  Loads of people wi green and white Hibs scarves.  A fantastic rendition of Sunshine on Leith concluded the evening.)
– Saturday, 20 October 2012: SPL: Ross County 3-2 Hibs.  Goals from Leigh Griffiths and James McPake were not enough to salvage a point up there in Dingwall.
Ulises de La Cruz Hibs
– Saturday, 21 October 1995: SPL Hibs :4-2 Motherwell.  On the day that we cut the green tape between the goalposts at the then new North Stand (it’s been officially known as the Famous Five Stand since the summer of 1998, I seem to recall) between the goals going down the slope, we raced into a three goal lead inside the first 20 minutes through two by Darren Jackson (one a penalty) and Keith Wright (I think).  Into the second half and Motherwell pulled one back, before Jim Leighton saved a penalty which would have reduced the deficit further.  Mikey O’Neill then scored a classy goal to restore our three goal advantage, before the determined Steelmen grabbed another then continued to attack until the whistle blew.  An exciting end to end game that appeared to be over and done with with 70 minutes remaining was anything but.  The Hibs were in good form and the future looked promising.  another false dawn, unfortunately.
– Sunday, 21 October 2001: SPL: Hibs 2-1 hertz.  By now back living in Leith, I had one of my legendary (even if I do say so myself) early morning Hibby radge Russell Harties for this.  The party started at 9am and the peeve was in full flow as we watched the 3-0 at Tynecastle and 6-2 at Easter Road videos.  We rolled up  to the Vicky Bar (our then main pre and post-match haunt) about 2pm.  a few more then a couple in Tamson’s before we just made the kick-off.  And thank Christ we did as Ulises De La Cruz put us a goal up after only 29 seconds (I think)!  To this day I still have arguments with fellow Hibbies about whether it was an intentional shot or just a miss hit cross that deceived the hertz keeper.  Old cynic that I am, I maintain to this day that it was the latter.  but no one was complaining and we merrily sang ‘Happy birthday 6-2’ to the 1,414 Jambos who actually bothered their miserable backsides to  attend this match  in sporting acknowledgement of the fact that exactly 52 weeks had elapsed since they were very fortunate to only lose by that margin at the Leith San Siro.  De La Cruz made it two after 20 minutes with an open goal tap-in and we smelled blood. Sadly, that was the entertainment over for us for the day.  Although, Steven Simmons’s second half goal for hertz ensured that the remaining 20 minutes or so were somewhat painful.  Still, a 2-1 Derby win is never to be sniffed at and another radge evening ended up in the Burke and Hare at God knows what time in the morning.  I was not very productive at work the following day to put it mildly.
– Saturday, 22 October 1988: SPL: Motherwell 1-1 Hibs.  Cannae mind who scored our goal, but Kano missed a penalty and Stevie Cowan (of all people) scored their equaliser.
– Saturday, 22 October 1994: SPL: Dundee United 0-0 Hibs.  Went up to this wi my Dad and Davie Ince of the Glasgow branch.  A decent travelling support should’ve seen us collect all three points, but nobody was too upset with the point at a place where we did not have the best of records.  However, that season Dundee United ,who had won the Scottish Cup the previous year, by beating the old hunz at Hampden on Saturday, 21 May (I had them to win 1-0 and won £40 at the bookies!)) would be relegated and, in the process, failed to score a single goal against us.  We won 5-0 and 4-0 at Easter Road and the other fixture at Tannadeechee by 1-0.
– Sunday, 22 October 2000: SPL: Hibs 6-2 hertz.  It’s strange to think that fully 17 years have elapsed since this seminal, era-defining result and performance.  To this day, I think this and probably the home leg v Athens the following September are the most complete performances I’ve been fortunate enough to have actually seen live from a Hibs team.  And I include 21.5.2016 and 18.3.2007 in that statement.  A bold statement, I know.  but that is what I think.  Just my opinion.  I’m just another Hibby, just like you.
I’d traveled up from Wales for this and the Sunday afternoon in the Vickcy was brightened up by the old hunz losing 2-1 in Perth live on the telly.  Kenny Miller was roundly praised by all and sundry.  Not.  On to the match and hertz scored after three minutes through Andy Kirk.  In truth, they should’ve been two up shortly afterwards.  but slowly but surely the Hibs began to assert themselves and when Mixu had a goal disallowed midway through the first half everyone was unimpressed.  It appeared that Pressley had thrown himself to the ground simultaneously with Mixu out jumping him and conned the ref.  However, the Finnish force of nature scored twice in a minute immediately before the break to give the good guys the least they deserved at half-time.  The second half was like a dream.  Zitelli made it three with a shot which took an unusual bounce as it outwitted the superlative Antti Niemi in the hertz goal.  This probably sounds absurd, but Antti Niemi could have serious complaints about not winning man of the match that night.  Without his heroics hertz may well have lost double figures.  Mixu completed his hat-trick after 74 minutes following a fine move entailing some excellent cross-field passes.  If you own the DVD or video of this game, stop it at this juncture and listen quietly.  The DJ plays ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ by Moby in sporting recognition that hertz are feeling bad!  How magnanimous is that?  We are the good guys, Hibby Family Members!  With less than ten minutes John O’Neil nearly burst the net with number five, before one of the most perfect moves I’ve ever seen from the Hibs culminated in Russell Latapy putting us 6-1 up!  We were chanting about wanting 7, but some poor defending allowed Colin Cameron to reduce the deficit to 6-2. It was like watching a schoolboy’s dream of how Hibs should play in a Derby.  I had never seen the like before.  I have never seen it again.  Will we emulate it on Tuesday?  Yes, please.
The celebrations went on long into the night.  the highlight being Mikey Farrow’s claim that his girlfriend Teresa, then heavily pregnant with the baby who would actually be born just fourteen days later and  called Shaun, would be named ‘Mixu David John Russell Farrow’!  Got a nice ring to it, Mikey!
– Saturday, 22 October 2005: SPL: Aberdeen 0-1 Hibs.  The fifth anniversary of the 6-2!  Traveled up from Wales for this.  got the train up wi FunBoy, Moodz etc.   A single goal from Deek for the Hibs in that season’s black away strip helped the mood!
– Saturday, 22 October 2011: SPL: St Mirren 2-3 Hibs.  Leigh Griffiths twice (his first goals for the club) and one from Sean O’Hanlon provided us with a rare win under the soon-to-be emptied Colin Calderwood.
– Saturday,22 October 2016: first division.  It’s only last year and I cannae mind!  Sorry!
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