Following the Branch e-mail publicizing the Smoker to raise funds for Leon Rendle, to help him do the things he wants while he is still well I received this from St. Patrick’s Branch member Thomas Young who is working in Germany.
”Reading about young Leon Rendle which is devastating to hear, I have had a whip round with the 7 guys who work with me and we have collected 400 euros for him. We are coating pipes, working in Mulheim, Germany, for  the South Stream Project which will be the new gas supply for Europe from Russia to Bulgaria. I have a team of 7 Inspectors, a great bunch of lads even though there are 2 Rangers fans, 2 Jambos, 1 Celtic & 3 Hibees there was not one minutes hesitation amongst the boys when I asked them for a donation, just glad we can maybe pay for a day trip or contribute to something else the family have planned. It is a truly sad story and touched all the boys when I told them and even let them read the email you sent out, auld Willie had a tear in his eyes. Anyway G, I will see the money gets sent this week and thanks again for bringing it to my attention, only glad we can make a donation.”
As an aside Thomas tells me that he and the lads had a night out in Dusseldorf back in August…………
”Had the pleasure of meeting Matty Jack in his local boozer in Dusseldorf. He said he loved every minute of his time at Hibs and watches every Hibs game that he can! Cracking guy!
Thomas and Matty
Thomas and Matty
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