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Closing date for this election of Branch Secretary, Thursday 5th Sept 12 noon.   
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Your 3 Candidates Statement’s
Ian McNeill
Statement of Ian McNeill seeking election to the post of Secretary of the St Patrick Branch of Hibernian Supporters:
In accepting my nomination for the above post I considered, as a current committee member, what would I be able to bring to what is already a hard working committee.  Until my retirement I was employed by NATS (Air Traffic Control) where for many years I was a full time Trade Union official. In that role I successfully represented many individuals in personal cases but more importantly in terms of the post up for election I was the Trade Union Side Secretary.
In that role I was part of the team delegated to develop pay strategies for our 5000 members over a number of years and led my own union’s (PCS) negotiating team.
In my experience in order for the team to be successful it must have the support of its members and that in order to do so the secretary must be able to communicate effectively with them.  Whilst in employment not only was I able to do so with members, I was also able to do so effectively with the senior management.  I feel these attributes would be well suited to the secretary’s post of the branch which is effectively the link between the members of the branch and the Association and also the football club.
Being in retirement gives me the opportunity and time to devote to this role which has in the past been pivotal in growing St Patrick’s branch to the largest branch within the Hibernian Supporters Association. The branch has been instrumental in moving forward and bringing changes within the Association and developing a better relationship with the football club and if elected I will seek to continue to progress the agenda as set by you the members.
My decision to stand for election was not made lightly and only after much consideration but I hope that you will support my nomination by voting for me but if not please cast your vote in any case. Your participation matters.
Ian McNeill

Jamie Millar
Hi all,
I just wanted to let you know that I am applying for the post of Branch Secretary, I feel as Webmaster & that I am Developing the Membership side of The Branch, it would benefit all our members if I applied for the position. I as many of you am aware, I am the Administrator of HibeesBounce as well as running my own Gas Business and helping other Businesses run theirs so I am very much hands on in this Department. I also feel i am Very Competent and Hands on with any problems that arise, so i will always endeavour to help where needed.
Both of the other Two candidates are equally as good prospects, so whoever you Decide to Vote for they will be a worthwhile candidate.
Finally, I must say that if I am not successful, I will fully support the New Secretary with the Membership side via the Website.
Yours in sport,
Jamie Millar

Paddy Power
Saint Patrick’s Members and fellow Hibernian Supporters. I have put my name forward for the vacant position of Branch Secretary of our Saint Patrick’s Branch. It will be an honour and a privilege to carry out this role if elected by you.
My straight forward aim is to keep communication high amongst our membership.
This has been a Branch priority for our 500 + members.
I want us to go from strength to strength and continue to be pioneers making positive change. It’s important to listen to you and the great feedback coming back too.
Gordon McKinley will be a hard act to follow and I am sure every member of the Branch. Appreciate the time and effort and dedication he put into our Branch.
And I know he still has a lot more to contribute.
And of course, support of our Committee in whichever way it goes in the future.
Paddy Power.
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